6 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android

OoVoo - voice, texts, video calls
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Calling is the way of communication with each other. When our close friends or relatives live in different countries, we communicate with them through our smartphones. Technology is growing very fast day by day. Today, video calling is the popular way of communicating with each other  through android devices with the introduction of 3G and 4G  mobile networks that are very fast.

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Now, we can make free video calls and can see each others faces if we have 3G or WiFi networks. In order to make free video calls, you have to install video calling apps from Google play in your android devices.

These are the 6 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android phones and tablets:

1] SKYPE- free IM & video calls

This app is considered one of the best app among other video calling apps on all platforms. Everyone is familiar with this name as it is very popular video calling app. It is completely free to make voice calls from  one Skype to other Skype. Here you can also make voice and phone call to mobile numbers and landlines at cheap rate of Skype credits.
SKYPE- free IM & video calls


  • Low call rate for calling to mobile numbers and landlines.
  • Send videos, pictures and files for free.
  • Chat with anyone and anywhere.

2] LINE- free calls & messages

Line is the most popular app instant messenger app available on all major platforms. Worldwide it has over 300 million users. Line also supports video calling where we can communicate with our friends and family face to face. During a call, you can easily switch between voice and video calls. Add friends in various ways  by exchanging id’s or QR codes or shaking it together.
LINE- free calls & messages


  • Use  fun stickers and emoji to express yourself in easy way.
  • Update about what you are doing by using pictures, photos, location info.
  • High quality voice and video calls.

3] TANGO- free messages and video calls

Tango is the great way our connecting with our loved ones, friends and relatives. It is free and easy to use. Make free video calls, send music messages, share photos and play games. Just create an account in few seconds.  You can personalize your profile with status and pictures. It works in most of the smartphones and tablets. It is all in one app.
TANGO- free messages and video calls
Source: http://www.downloadtangofree.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Tango-Video-Calls.png


  • Group chat with more than 300 friends.
  • Good quality video and voice calls.
  • Easily find friends anywhere in the World.
  • While calling, play mini games and share photos.
  •  Share and edit your pictures.

4] OoVoo – voice, texts, video calls

The best feature of this great app is it allows you to free group video chat with about 12 people at the same time.  It got best android app in 2011( PC Magazine), Best Social Networking App Award in 2013(Tabby Award), Best App Technology in 2013(Appster Award). This app is also available on almost all platforms. Sign up on OoVoo easily and find your friends here. You can send text messages to your friends even if you are on a call.
OoVoo - voice, texts, video calls
Source: https://blogs.microsoft.com/firehose/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2014/06/clip_5F00_image001_5F00_thumb_5F00_4DAFE219.png


  • Group free video chat available.
  • View friends profiles and send them photos, videos, texts for free.
  • Colourful filters in video recording
  • High quality video chat with friends.
  • Put your five friends on speed dial.

5] Yahoo! Messenger

It is an official yahoo messenger for android smartphones and tablets. Install the latest version of yahoo messenger in your device from Google play and plug-in to enable video calling features.You can also chat with your Facebook just by linking your accounts with them. Now it is more enjoyable because they removed all the ads and improved its performance and stability.
Yahoo! Messenger


  • Send free international SMS.
  • Share videos and photos with friends.
  • You can also chat with Windows live friends
  • Receive messages only when you are active.

6] Hangouts

You will find this app already installed on your android phone, so, why don’t you use it for video calls. It’s Easy.
Source: http://thenextweb.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2013/05/hangouts.png


  • Chat with 8 People at a single time.
  • Stream your Hangout on YouTube
  • Record and Upload your hangout on YouTube
So, that’s it. This Concludes our post “Best Free Video Calling Apps for Android”. If you need nay advise, then feel free to ask via comments. and also, stay tuned for more updates on Android Apps.
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