Fingerprint authentication is coming to next version of Android! {Android M}

Fingerprint authentication is coming to next version of Android! {Android M}

Do you use Android based phones and devices? And are you looking for some new changes in next version of android. Here is good news for Android users. Android operating system users may now use the facility of fingerprint authentication in next android version. User can safe their smart phones and android device by their fingerprint by Android fingerprint authentication in place of using code or pattern. But this news is not yet announced officially, an online Website reported about it.


The current android operating system version series is Android 5.0.1 named Android Lollipop, started with letter “L”. If Google does not break their rule then next version of Android operating system will starting with letter “M”, so we can say next android version will be “Android M”. Next coming Android M is one of the most awesome upcoming Android update because there are so many features for user .  From the Make a call from your smartphone now google made it for too many works of human’s life Like now you can use “Auto Drive” feature of Android to drive your car .

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In next version of native Android operating system, “Android M”, Google will add the functionality of Fingerprint authentication.

Apple already provides fingerprint authentication in their phones and devices named “Touch ID” Fingerprint sensing. Actually THis feature is already provided in new Latest Smartphone of Samsung S6 but because of not update in Google Android version that is working currently but soon it will be available for all S6 and Nexus user . This is Only Prediction and may be we will get much more features from our expectations because Google is Google .

CNET report said that Google will launch a separate Application Program Interface (API) for android developers.

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When android Fingerprint authentication will be added in Android M, then the security level will be increased. The security will be very hard. After introducing of Android fingerprint authentication only already set user fingerprint can access the phone and device. No other can access the phone and device. So we can say it will raise the level of security in android operating system.

So just wait for the official announcement from Google about Android Fingerprint authentication and wait for the next android version, hope next version will be Android M.

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