Android Beating iOS in U.S., at least by Numbers

Android More Popular Than iOS In U.S

Many of you might think that, iPhone is king, but actually it is not, specially in U.S. where Android smartphone sale in number is more than iOS.Google-IO-2015-android-M

Yes! iOS fans, I am not drunk 😛

This is Right and I have more to support this news.

New research study launched by Nielsen on Thursday reveals that, in the 3rd quarter of 2015, 52.6 percent of American mobile phone owners were utilizing a handset running Google’s Android OS. On the other hand, 42.7 percent utilized mobile phones running Apple’s application development tutorial

Nielsen’s study also associate previous information from comScore.

So, according to this research, Android is leading OS in United States, and we all know, that it keep the same, because of the fact, Android smartphones costs much less when compared to iOS. And also, it is built by number of companies like Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc., which also helped Android , in tapping the table in US, because iOS is only built by Apple, which means, Android will always have a bigger chance to reach maximum audience.

Android More Popular Than iOS In U.S

Current numbers from the International Data Corporation (IDC) reveal that Android has 82.8 percent marketshare worldwide while iOS has 13.9

Although, Apple iOS is still an important brand for world, no matter, how much sale they have in their last months, they will always stay important for those, who like this company.

People who love Apple will always go for iOS and the same thing applies with Android.

Now, it’s your turn to Comment, with your favorite Smartphone OS: iOS or Android?

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