Powerful Apps for Android to increase Productivity [Daily Life]

Powerful Apps for Android to increase Productivity [Daily Life]

Everything is centred around technology these days. Not a single task takes place that doesn’t make use of technology today. Be it to give a presentation in class, watch a movie, chat with friends or share photos, each and everything is assisted by technology making our life virtual on almost every level.

In this age of increased dependency on technology, our phones play a pivotal role in keeping us connected with the world around and increasing the efficiency of the mundane tasks we perform which would manually take hours to complete.

Download these amazing apps on your phone to truly unleash its hidden power to make multitasking seem seamless:




Prezi is a new way to give presentations by giving them a cool animated feature with just a few clicks. It transforms boring, dull and generic presentations into something enjoyable and engaging. Many a times teachers or even great speakers lose their audience because their presentation is too mundane and repetitive.

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With Prezi give your presentation the edge it requires by clubbing together all the points and presenting it in a nice, animated fashion that will surely capture the attention of your audience so you never have to worry about it again. You can also search for other existing presentations and this app is a great hit with business students as they find presentations related to case studies that help them get a better grasp.



Time to time you need to get out in life and have a bit of fun as well. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and this app lets you have fun in your free time. You can now find out movie timings, read reviews by users and critics alike to know what movie is playing where and you can make plans well in advance or spontaneous ones as well as it allows you to book tickets directly through the app itself. You can now find out about various plays and events in your vicinity as well and book tickets to give yourself a nice outing and rejuvenate for work!

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stay focused- android -app

This app is great as it deters any form of distraction when you’re on the internet whiling away time when you actually should be working. It has a very customizable setting and a countdown clock that will prevent you from wasting time on websites you should not be visiting. It will make sure you get back to work with its lock out feature which is very tricky to undo and you will have complete control over what you should view when and in what quantity to truly stay focused!

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MailBox is a swanky email app that optimises your Gmail and iCloud inbox and it uses minimum interface to let you quickly skim through the mail and conversations. The ones which are relevant can be swiped into archives and those which are useless can easily be put into the trash. Its learning features helps it pick up your actions and learns which conversations to snooze and which conversations to mute to not disturb you.

This app truly bids all your email commands and makes your phone highly productive.

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Trello is an amazing app that lets you set up your very own bulletin board. On it you can post notes, to do lists, tasks and a lot more. You can make your own lists, you can colour code tasks to differentiate them on priority basis and you can drag and drop them and move them around. You can also easily share this information with others and it’s flexible to work on various android phones to really customize your tasks. You can now track activities easily and make deadlines for projects and bring some order in your chaotic lives!

Bring these apps for free on your phone and let it do the organizing for you. Life is chaotic already and these apps go a long way in uncomplicating daily events, saving a lot of time and effort!

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