Now Ambulance Launched For Elephants

Taking a complete different initiative, the forest department of an Indian state, launched a luxury ambulance service to transport sick and injured elephants.

Representational image via
Representational image via

What the matter exactly is?

The forest department of Kerala has launched this first ambulance service which basically is a lorry. This ambulance service is intended to reduce the man-animal conflict. In hilly districts of Kerala, usually wild elephants come out of the forest, and create havoc for humans. These ambulances will be used to transport those wild animals back, so they couldn’t further create instability for humans.

Image via Anu designery on flicker
Image via Anu designery
on flicker

This ambulance has ropes and cranes to lift elephants. Apart from providing medical facilities for these animals, this ambulance too has 1000 liter capacity water tank to keep the elephants cool during the time of transportation.

(With some inputs from Indian Express)