Last year, the tech-giant Apple announced the second generation of best-selling AirPods in the early half. Then in October, they released its sequel as AirPods Pro. Both of the second-generation AirPods are available with and without a wireless charging case. In addition, Apple has totally discontinued the original AirPods. But if you have a pair of original AirPods, you can add a wireless charging case to them. Here comes an absolutely reliable comparison between AirPods ProVs AirPods 2, and AirPods Vs AirPods 2 with wireless charging case.

 Because you all must be wondering which AirPods is best to purchase or which is ought to buy. Many of you are also thinking that if there is a need to upgrade your original AirPods to second-generation AirPods and it’s a sequel. Also, there will be a share of people thinking if they should purchase a wireless charging one or wired charging one.

What’s the same between Apple’s Airpod models?

Airpods VS Airpods 2, AirPods VS Airpods Pro - Detailed Review

Apple’s AirPod models offer a very simple setup. All models will connect to the iPhone or Apple Watch by just one touch. Once your AirPods are connected to your device, you have to select your device and then you can rock with the amazing AirPods. 

The most amazing feature of Apple’s AirPods is that they have special sensors that control the audio equalizer to make a better experience for its consumers. These sensors also control microphone engagement when a call is received. Additionally, it automatically detects when the AirPods are in your ears or not. There is an option whether you want to wear one AirPod at once or to wear both AirPods at the same time.

When comparing Airpods VS Airpods 2, The AirPods and AirPods 2 have the same design. Both of them allow you to skip or forward a song just by a double-tap.

 Whereas, the AirPods Pro has a somewhat different body design of the body. But their control system is the same as other models. Meanwhile, all the AirPods are available in just white color.

What’s the difference between Apple’s AirPods models?

Expectedly you all would be thinking of many differences between all the models. Well, you are right. There are a number of differences between all the AirPods models. They have both external as well as interior differences. These make them unique and exclusive.


AirPods pros are IPX4 water and sweat resistant whereas AirPods 2 doesn’t have such an IP rating.

The AirPods Pro is different in design from AirPods 2. AirPods pros are IPX4 water and sweat resistant whereas all other models are not having such a rating. AirPods Pro have silicone ear tips that are in three sizes so that it can fit in each person’s ears.

The Pro model has an inbuilt additional vent system for pressure equalization. They have two microphones for better noise cancellation during a call.  Their controls are forced by sensors.


 AirPods Pro has an Advanced on-device control system whereas AirPods 2 have a basic on-device control system. The controls of AirPods Pro are more advanced than the controls in AirPods 2.

In AirPods Pro, users can play, pause, or answer a call just by one tap on the stem of AirPods. Also, if the user taps two times, they can skip a song and if they tap three times on the stem, they can go back. Also, we can control the noise cancellation by AirPods Pro through just tapping. If we press and hold the stem, it will switch between the noise cancellation mode and transparency mode. In noise cancellation mode all the surrounding noise will be canceled by AirPods Pro. Whereas in transparency mode, you can hear the song as well as the surrounding noise. 

Now come to AirPods 2, all controls are in the form of double taps. To get a different control system on each AirPods, users can just set the AirPods either left or right. All this will be controlled by double tap only. To connect to an incoming call just double tap and you can answer the call. 


AirPods Pro have Adaptive EQ and active noise cancellation whereas AirPods 2 doesn’t have noise cancellation and adaptive EQ. 

The AirPods Pro provides an absolutely rich sound experience than the rest of the models. The Adaptive EQ will automatically tune mid and low frequencies of music according to the shape of the ear of the person using AirPods Pro. They are fitted with a custom high dynamic range amplifier. 

Also, there is a custom speaker driver which is definitely sand especially designed to optimize the quality of the audio. This also helps in the cancellation of background noise. They are able to do so because of advanced software that adapts to users’ ears and then removes background noise. Additionally, there are two microphones inbuilt that offer a better experience and active noise cancellation. 

AirPods 2 did not feature such an Adaptive EQ and active noise cancellation and transparency model.


 Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 have upgraded their processor. Unlike Old AirPods which were running on the W1 chip, they use the H1 chip as a processor.

The reasons behind this up-gradation are the fact that it is this H1 chip that claims that it can have double the connection speed between AirPods and devices than the old model. It also claims that the H1 chip provides a 1.5 times faster connection for the call. Also, it provides fifty percent more talk time. In addition, it’s gaming latency has been reduced to up to thirty percent.

Siri Voice Control:

 By the introduction of the H1 chip to both the AirPods model, which is AirPods Pro and AirPods 2, the controls have become super easy. Both models are compatible with Siri. They both offer “Hey Siri!” control system. By using these, users of AirPods can change volume, make a call, can play some music, or ask for directions just by their voice.

In the old model of AirPods, Siri was not compatible with the AirPods. However, the users used their device to use Siri Voice Control.

Wireless Charging Case: 

 Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 both are compatible with wireless charging cases. 

AirPods Pro is the standard model that comes with a wireless charging case. 

AirPods 2 whereas, offers both the standard charging case like the old model of AirPods. But in addition, they apparently come with an alternative option of wireless charging. 

The latest model having a wireless charging case is actually Qi-compatible. This Qi compatibility actually means that you are allowed to charge your AirPods on standard Qi charging pads and that too absolutely wireless. If you have bought your pair of AirPods unknowingly and now want to switch to the wireless charging, then it is definitely not difficult to switch. Because as we mentioned earlier the wireless charging case can be definitely bought separately. And the bonus is that the wireless charging case is compatible with the old Apple AirPods and AirPods 2.

Talk time: 

Definitely this feature is upgraded to a peak level for sure. Apple claims that AirPods Pro offers 4-5 hours of listening time and about 3.5 hours of talk time. In addition, Apple’s AirPods Pro offers more than 5 hours of listening only when both transparency and noise cancellation mode is off.

Apple AirPods 2 can deliver, 3 hours of talk time and 5 hours of listening time. There is a fast charging feature which can offer up to two hours of talk time and three hours of music with just fifteen minutes of charge.

Conclusion Of The Discussion About Airpods VS Airpods 2 and Airpods VS Airpods pro

After reading the comparison, you all must be thinking of upgrading your AirPods to AirPods Pro or AirPods 2? Which is more important to you, extra talk time or Siri Voice Control or stable connection or effective noise cancellation? Should you upgrade your AirPods from the first generation to the second generation?

Is wireless charging better than wired charging or vice versa? Sweat and water-resistant better or not? 

Hope this elaborate description between AirPods Vs Airpods2 and AirPods Vs AirPods pro you would have found the best fit for you!

So if you want to have an advanced control system, Siri Voice Control, water, and sweat-resistant AirPods and fitting, noise cancellation, and transparency mode feature, then your first priority should be Apple’s AirPods Pro.

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