Affinity Review

Hello Readers, I am again back with another Adsense Alternative review. Recently, I reviewed many AD networks, which can pay you high amount, although not as high as Google Adsense, but still a decent income can be earned. So, today again by continuing the process, I am introducing an another Ad network. So, let’s start the review without wasting too much time.

What is Affinity?

It is a Contextual Ad Network Founded in 2006. They have a Huge Base of Advertisers Serving over 50 billion Ad campaigns to Targeted Audience. Affinity Has very Good eCPM Rates when compared to other contextual Advertisement Networks and also they take up only 5% of Revenue from their Publishers.

How it Works?

Affinity has an advanced ad fusion system which is one the best for both advertisers and publishers. It automatically shows the High eCPM ads and also make sure advertisements are highly relevant to publisher website. So, it would say, they have a very good system available which will everyone the best result.

Affinity Provides Two Ways for Monetization.

1. Global PPC Network:- In this way of Monetization User can Make money by Monetizing Custom Applications Like Domain Parking , Toolbar , Zero click ,etc. With Affinity XML Ad Feed.

2. Global Display Network:- In this way User can Monetize their Websites with Various Ad Formats and Types. Now, Let’s have look on types of Advertisements this network provides.

Types of Ads:-

1. In-Text Ads:- These Ads are shown on Relevant Keywords and Phrases on Websites. When User takes Mouse Hover over it a Dialog Box type Ad will Open and show Most Relevant Advert to the Keyword.

2. In-Page Ads:- These are Banner ads shown on Publishers websites.
These Adverts Can Increase Revenue when Used on Right Spots .

3. In-Margin Ad:- These ads are shown on Vacant Places in the Sides of Websites which Space is Not Used By Majority of Bloggers. In-Margin Advertisements can Fill those Spaces with Most Relevant Ads to Increase Revenue.

4. In-Footer Ads:-  Most related Advertisements to content are shown in the footer of the website which certainly increases the earnings of publishers.

How to Sign Up?

It is very Easy process as Users only have to Fill Some Information about themselves and their websites to Become Affinity Publisher. After Account Approval Publishers have to Fill W8 Or W9 Form which is Necessary for Payment processing. Don’t worry if you find nay problem while filling these forms, they will have the best help available for you.

Affinity Payment?

They Has adapted NET45 Payment Frequency which means once you cross, the minimum payment threshold which is $40, they will issue the payment after 45 days. For example, you for your July income, you have to wait till mid September.

They have Two Best methods to Pay their Publishers.

  1. PayPal
  2. Wire Transfer

Affinity Details:-

Commission Type: AD cloud,In-text,Search
Minimum Payout $ 40
Payout Frequency: NET 45
PayoutMethod: Wire Transfer, PayPal
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:+1 312 780 1674


So, this is the Affinity AD network review, I hope it is helpful to those who are looking for a high paying Adsense alternative. If you any question, feel free to ask via comments and also don’t forget to share your views about this review.

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