Everything You Need to Know on Promoting Your Membership Affiliate Program

In the past few years, we have saw (and continue to) see a great influx of membership programs.

Starting off with high authority websites like Copy Blogger, this traveled to almost every nook and corner of the blogosphere. And there are various of membership programs to look out for.

Authorities and experts at the field have started giving coaching to the newbies to move froward and prosper in that field. They share their ‘secrets’, give tips, goodies and much more to the members to help them. And because no one wants to fail, and wants to learn from the top to achieve success, these programs are highly successful these days. Also, these programs bring various people with same aspiration together, its an another selling point of these programs. There are various programs available such as learning CPA, content marketing to name a few.

And as a blogger, you can make good amount of money by becoming one of the affiliates of this program and start promoting.  You can make money automatically with it, and perhaps lots of money on a regular basis!


So if you are starting an membership program and looking on ways on how to promote it, you have got to the correct place!

Benefits of Joining the Program

This is the selling point of your program. People won’t spend money anywhere to learn few stuffs. They would want to learn where the get the maximum benefits, this is the human mentality. Suppose there are two membership programs, both for content marketing. But one provides 10 benefits whereas the other 15, which one would you choose?

Ask yourself before you start, why should I get into this program, and you will move forward in the right direction.

Give some dashing and cool headlines, and present the benefits to join in a fancy way so that the readers love it and are incited to join. Also, detail the facts as much as you can as nobody wants to spend money without proper investigation!

Giving them a Free Trial for a specific number of days

This is a great marketing strategy used by almost all of the folks in the blogging industry to promote their membership programs. Products such as SEMRush use this method effectively to promote it.

By giving them a free offer period, they can explore your program and by seeing the free period, they also get a good impression about it. Wonder how? It helps them know that you are confident enough about your product to make it free for a certain period of time.

Under the free period, you can promote your other products too! But you have to do it carefully and it shouldn’t look like as if you are going to spam them. It is the time where you have to take care of them.

Also, don’t forget to mention about it in the about page in bold and bright letters.

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Cut off the Price Tag

It might sound as a black-hat trick, but its not.

Reducing the price always works. People will always run for the products with the tag free on it, no matter how much the discount is. Perspective is a very important trait, and discount changes the perspective of your readers about your product and makes them buy it.

Especially if your margin is bigger, you will get more sales. Giving your membership for $1 for per month than $45 per month will surely drive good amount of sales due to the margin of discount. This strategy is mostly used by high authority blogs such as Copy Blogger.

Make your Data Attractive

Your landing page to membership should be attractive enough to make them buy it. Remember those Apple ads which make you go drool? Even their landing pages on the website makes you go wild and incites you to buy the product.

A data-driven research, along with the proper presentation style, and you are good to go. You can look forward to Copy Blogger’s landing page of the membership program.

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Make them feel EXCLUSIVE

Everyone wants to feel special and exclusive, and you can exploit this mentality to market your program. You can set a limit the audience to a certain number like 50 or 100. Set the tagline as: Only 50 Lucky Folks will get to know the secrets of writing great content and so on.


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