Affiliate Marketing Company Opicle Review

Affiliate Marketing Company Opicle 

What is Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing, commonly confused with referral marketing, is a performance based marketing in which a the publisher gets recorded for every customer brought by the publishers marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable form of strategic advertising and it is replacing the old ways of advertising making the process more beneficial and reliable. Affiliate marketing is remunerative for the both the publisher and the advertiser.

The risk of bogus clicks and fraud has been decreased to a considerable extent and as a result of it, more and more companies and publishers are making Affiliate marketing their favorable choice of business.

Affiliate Marketing Company Opicle 

Introducing Opicle

Opicle is the most rapidly growing name in Affiliate marketing network in India. The services provided by Opicle are exclusive and it’s features make it stand out from the common names in the field of advertising.

Opicle is helping many potential publishers to get real money real quick out of their hard work.

Opicle was started in 2014 with the vision of taking the traditional advertising to a whole new level which will be much more beneficial for both publishers as well as advertisers.It’s features like fraud management and 24/7 customer support program make it very secure and reliable and close to the vision it was started with.

Gaining trust of the customers is very important in making the business profitable and using Affiliate marketing with Opicle, it’s easy.

Opicle uses the strategy of targeted audience to gain maximum profit out of every opportunity. It helps in introducing the right product to the right person and this creates tons of opportunities.

Opicle review with features

Opicle, A smart choice

Opicle has been affiliated with over 150 such companies worldwide and is joined by more than 500 potential publishers all over the world. Jabong, Flipkart, Foodpanda, NIIT, HDFC bank are potential clients of Opicle proving it’s potential. Opicle is being recognised as one of the top Affiliate Marketing provider in the world, stated by an independent global survey.

Opicle invests a great deal in the research and development in the field of Affiliate Marketing to make the experience more beneficial, and as a result of it the experience on Opicle gets even better with time and Opicle has hired some of the best experts in the field India has to offer ensuring healthy growth of your business.

Main features of Opicle

Opicle is the best Affiliate marketing because of it’s well formulated features. 24/7 customer support program allows user to directly call or skype the Opicle support team or email them to resolve any problem.

Opicle is Equipped with great CPI, CPS, CPA and CPC offers and is much productive for the publishers and helps the potential publishers make quick profit.

It’s real time data driven system allow publishers to view the real time insights like leads,clicks,conversion rate,impressions and commission and keeps them regularly updated.

Opicle is 100% safe and reliable source of advertising with constantly updated fraud management systems and a dedicated team watching over every bogus click, leads, as well as traffic generated by publishers making it secure and very efficient in detecting any foul play.

Opicle has a 45 day payment cycle, after deducting the unfair sum generated by the bogus traffic from the 45 days earnings, the payment is dispatched every 45 days.

The deep linking tool allows the affiliate to easily deep ­link their desired product from any of the CPS campaigns which makes the experience much more user friendly and easy to operate.

With Opicle, users have full control over their account and can customize the advertisement to their needs and there are no hidden terms and conditions and users are free to furnish their investment.

Other Benefits of Choosing Opicle

Adding more to it, Opicle has many more perks other than just Affiliate marketing like Web Development featuring Web Application Development and Customized Application management, Custom Landing Pages and Mobile Application for different platforms such as Android, iOS devices and Native Applications. And it’s email Marketing covers EMail Panel, Promotional Mailers, Transactional Mailers, Third Party Mailers etc.

The SEO or the SMO optimisation is very important to provide necessary recognition and with Opicle’s supplementary features like Page Ranking, Page validation and On or Off Page Audit and Implementation, the process is effortless. Opicle also offers Analytics and IT services , Web Analytics Integration, Conversion and Revenue Tracking.
All these features of Opicle make it the future of online strategic advertising. Explore the whole new experience of advertising, have a great time with Opicle!!

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  1. hi Atinder S Gill i like your post . my name is Ashish Kumar Singh and i m affiliate manager in opicle so if any one wants to join as Publisher of Opicle ping me on skype my skype id – et1480

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    Ashish Kumar Singh
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