Traditionally, the role of human resource (HR) executives centered around screening potential recruits, answering benefit questions, and other administrative duties. Today, while all of these duties continue to be a part of HR’s everyday work, there are many additional roles and duties.

These days, human resource professionals play a key role in planning company growth strategies. The top management of firms often relies on inputs from HR professionals while devising key policies. 

This makes it important for a human resource professional to be certified. In this article, we will explore the top 10 benefits of having an HR certification.

top 10 benefits of having an HR certification

Better Chances of Being Hired

Before you get down to recruiting others or taking up other responsibilities in an HR role, you need to be hired by an organization. When candidates apply for an HR position, those with an industry-relevant certification have an improved chance of being hired.

The Top 10 Advantages Of Getting An HR Certification

This holds good for both freshers as well as for those looking to switch to an experienced position. Also, make sure that the certification is highlighted in your resume so that it catches potential recruiters’ attention.

Increased Professional Confidence

Having an HR certification goes a long way in earning the trust of business colleagues and superiors. HR certifications are highly valued, and people possessing the certificates are respected in the industry. 

When your colleagues and peers have trust in your abilities, it increases your professional confidence, which impacts your overall performance.

Better Planning and Management

As human resource personnel, you will be making several decisions that will impact your organization. Being certified ensures that you know how to weigh the pros and cons of any situation before deciding. 

Such carefully considered decisions have a positive impact on the organization’s financial performance that you are associated with, thereby making you indispensable to the firm.

Eligibility for Training & Knowledge Transfer Roles

Most larger organizations have a team of HR professionals. Every time a fresher joins the team, they undergo a knowledge transfer process wherein a senior member imparts them with the human resource skills they need for their job. Organizations prefer having a certified HR professional for such training.

Such hr training sessions are highly rewarding for any professional, and they provide an excellent opportunity for one to upskill themselves with the latest industry trends. By having relevant certifications, you open the doors to a sea of career opportunities that were unfathomable in the past.

Increases Your Earning Potential

Most human resource skills are things that you pick up with experience. Hence, if you have been in the profession for a few years, it is plausible that you are already familiar with the topics needed for the various certifications. 

However, you need to realize that having a formal certification is a formal body authorizing your skills on the matter.

Most organizations consider the number of relevant certifications as a valid criterion for deciding on internal promotions. Thus, if you see yourself growing in the organization in an HR position, you should consider getting an HR certification.

Highlights Your Commitment to Work

The certification implies one’s dedication towards self-improvement for people who choose to opt for an HR certification while being employed. While you may know the skills, it does take a certain level of preparedness to take the certification exam.

You’re taking up the challenge of examination while already being loaded with professional work, which speaks of your commitment to your role. Most recruiters and people in higher management see this as a positive attitude, which paves the path of unprecedented career growth for you.

Better Talent Management Skills

In recent years, the job world has seen a huge shift. With work-from-home being the new normal, organizations are no longer bound to hire employees from the same city. 

This opens the doors to a huge talent pool, and there is an increase in the demand for HR professionals to manage such talent and hire the most suitable candidates.

The Top 10 Advantages Of Getting An HR Certification

If you have a talent management practitioner or leader certification, you will be in a better position to handle real-life talent management challenges. This will allow you to upskill the organization’s recruiting process that you work for and become an asset to the organization.

Get Freelance Jobs

For those who cannot afford to pursue a full-time career, an HR certification offers the opportunity of landing high paying freelance jobs. You can consider pursuing an hr certification online and then applying for freelance or consultancy jobs.

Many startups do not have full-time HR professionals. When they need the services of a human resource professional, they put up the requirement. 

If you are a certified professional, you can take up such roles and earn good money (often from the comfort of your home).

International Recognition

If you are keen on working for an international company, then having an HR certification is an absolute must. The best thing about an HR certification is the fact that there is no specific certification that you need to be able to compete in the international job market.

Certifications such as PHR, GPHR, SHRM – CP, and SPHR are all globally recognized certifications. Not only will these increase your chances of bagging a job, but it will also make it easier for you to get a visa or work-permit should you need to relocate because of the new job.

Like every other field, human resource is one that is constantly evolving. As professionals, you often get caught up in the hectic work life and neglect updating yourself. This causes your skills to be outdated and takes a toll on your professional value. 

By taking up certification tests every couple of years, you ensure that your skillset is updated with the latest trends and perform to the best of your abilities.

Thus, you see a professional certification that sets apart an average HR professional from an ambitious and active one. 

If you wish to get noticed within your firm or are keen on seeking a job switch outside the organization, then having the necessary certifications will help you realize your dreams. We hope that the ten benefits of HR certifications discussed in this article motivated you to give a push to your HR career.  

  1. I am preparing for HR Intern from past one month. After reading this article now i am going to take HR Certification because it will help me to get good job in MNC. Thanks for sharing such a nice tips and information.

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