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Those Publishers who do not get Approval from Adsense have Many Opportunities Now. They can use, BuySellAds, Adversal, etc.. You must Read this Post:- High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives. If you still want more, then read this Full Post. I have mentioned a Newly available Ad network called Adonion. Although there are not so many sucess stories with this network, but still it is a new one so time will surely give you many positive Feedback’s.

What is Adonion ?

It is an Ad Spaces Buying, Selling Marketplace and a sister Ad Network of Clicksor owned by YesUp eCommerce Solutions Company. In simple words, Advertisers can Buy Advertisements spaces through his website and Publishers can Sell Advertisement spaces using this Website system.

How Adonion Operates?

As I already explained, but in a different manner, it gives Platform to Publishers for Selling their Ad spaces according to their Website Traffic Quality. They can set price Tags Higher If they have High Quality Traffic coming from Us or UK. Also Publishers have the power to accept or reject any Advert. So, it will only show approved Ads on your Website.
Adonion Advertisers has platform to buy Ad Spaces on their Publishers Website.  Advertiser Paying Highest for an Ad space will win and show advertisement on their brand on that Ad space.

Types of Ads:-

They has a Variety of Ad Types Available for Publishers to Monetize their Blogs. They have Text banners , Graphical Banners , Interstitial Ads , Pop Under Ads , Expandable Banners ,etc.

Positives About Adonion:-

  1. Publishers can Choose which Advertiser’s Ads will show on their Website.
  2. Publishers Can Set their Own Price Tags to their Ad Spaces.
  3. NET15 Payment Frequency.
  4. Adonion Provides Backup for other Ad Networks as publishers can Show Advertisements of other ad networks through their system if they don’t have Ads Available for you.

Negatives About Adonion:-

  1. Most of the Advertisers are From US. So Traffic from Other countries Will Get Low CPM Rates as Compared to US Traffic.
  2. The Minimum Payment threshold is $50 which is very difficult to reach unless Publishers have High Amount of Traffic from US.

How to Sign Up?

Sign Up Process will Take Maximum 5 Minutes as it is Just Form Filling and Email Confirming. But After Getting Account with Adonion, Users have to wait for their sites to get approved which will also not take so much time. After Site approval, they can Start Selling Ad Spaces and Earning Money.

Adonion Payment?

They have NET15 Payment Frequency which is very Good as Compared to Other Ad Networks But Minimum Payment Amount is Little Higher ($50) which they Pay via PayPal or Cheque.

Adonion Details:-

Commission Type: CPM.CPC.CPV
Minimum Payout: $ 50
Payout Frequency: NET 15
Payout Method: PayPal,Cheque
Country: CA
Contact: Telephone:1.416.499.8009

Note:- By No means I am promoting this Company and also I am not forcing anybody to use this Ad Network. I am just reviewing features provided by this company. If you have any question or complaint against this Network, then feel free to comment below with full details.  I will surely pass your complaint to their support system and make sure they reply.

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