AdEngage Ad Network Review with Payment details

Hello Readers, Today I am again back with another AD Network review to help you find a best Adsense Alternative. So, let’s begin without wasting too much time.

What is AdEngage?

AdEngage is an Online Ad Network Founded in 2004 that focuses on giving a platform to Publishers to Sell their Ad Spaces directly to Advertisers on Good Prices. Since Arrival they have served a Mind blowing 1.2 trillion Ads. In the beginning, They started system for Medium or small Publishers and Advertisers, So that Publishers who do not get opportunities to Make Revenue from Big Networks can Make Money From this Network. But Over the Period of Time this Network Grown very quickly and Now it is very well Known Among Top Quality Publishers and advertisers.

How AdEngage Operates?

AdEngage Provides Full Rights to Both Publishers and Advertisers. Publishers have to Rate their websites According to its category. According to Websites Category and its Ratings Advertisers choose Best Website that is suitable for their Ads. So its a Simple Process as Publishers have the Rights to Choose Price of their Ad Spaces and Advertisers have the Rights to Choose Ad Spaces to Show Ads.

Types of Ads:-

They have Two Types of Ads Available for their Publishers:-

1. Private Ads:- Private Ads are Direct Ads Shown on Publisher’s website on Ad Spaces which they Sell to Advertisers.  Normally private Ads are Shown on Large Publishers websites having Good Quality Traffic. These Types of Ads can be fully Customized by Advertisers according to their Needs.

2. Public Ads :- Public Ads are Advertisements shown By AdEngage on Small and Medium Publisher’s Websites whose Ad Spaces are not Purchased By Advertisers. These Ads Gives small amount of Revenue to Publishers but Never the Less it is good in the starting specially for Small Publishers having Small Amount of Traffic.

Positives About AdEngage:-

  1. Publishers Have Full Control Over on which Ads are shown on their websites.
  2. Publishers can Set Price of their Ad Spaces.
  3. Excellent Live Support  System as Publishers and Advertisers can Talk Live to Customer Care via Skype.
  4. Ad Network Provides ads for Both Big Publishers and also for Small Publishers.

Minimum Requirements and Restrictions for Approval:-

  1. Website Must Have Unique and Fresh Content.
  2. Website Must have an Alexa rank Better than 1,000,000.
  3. Website’s written Only in English will be Approved.
  4. Website Must Not have any broken Links or any Kind of Errors.
  5. Adult Site’s Publishers can apply Except Child or Animal Pornography.
  6. Website Must have Good Organic Traffic.

How to Sign Up:-

Signing Up is easy by Filling up Simple Form with Name , Email and Site Address. After submitting this Form AdEngage will Take some time to Review Your Website and Email you, once reviewing process is completed.

AdEngage Payment?

AdEngage has NET30 Payment Frequency and $50 Minimum Payout Amount.
There are Lot of Payment Methods to Receive Payment from this Ad company:-

  1. PayPal
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Cheque
  4. Western Union

AdEngage Details:-

Commission Type: CPC,Auction
Minimum Payout: $ 50
Payout Frequency: NET30
Payout Method: PayPal, Cheque,western union,wire
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:(424)240-8570
Now, Don’t forget to give your views on this Ad Network in the comment section.
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