How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger


Do you have any Blogspot blog?

If yes, then you might be a blogger. Right? and you may absolutely know that Blogspot is a free blogging platform which Google provides to their users. Right?

BlogSpot is really a great and free content management system which you can use for your online business. If you are a newbie blogger then you must have started your blogging journey by creating a free blogspot blog and you may also note that your blogspot blog is hosted at a sub-domain of blogspot. Am I right? or not?

Your blogspot blog address might be looks like ” “which is called a sub domain of

If your blog address looks like it then why don’t you add custom domain to blogger so that your blog can also be accessed through a top level domain.

If you want that you can access your blogger blog by using a Top level domain i.e. etc then you should must add a custom domain to your blogger blog. & Here I will explain you step by step that How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger so must follow all the steps correctly. 😀


How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger

As you are reading this article then I think you already have purchased a domain name from Godaddy. Right? If you still not purchased the domain name then you should have to purchase one in order to connect them with your blogger blog.

Okay let us consider that You have purchased a domain name from Godaddy and your domain name is ” “. and Now you have to add it to your blogger blog. So just follow the steps explained by me here. 😀

1. Login to your and then select your blogger blog from which you wants to connect your domain name.

2. After Login, Go to Settings >> Basic where you will find an option ” + Set up a third-party URL for your blog “. Click on that option as showing in the below image.


3. After clicking on it, You have to place your domain name in the box saying ” Third-party domain settings “. Must place your domain with www as showing in the below image.


After placing your domain name in the box, when you will click on ”  SAVE ” button then suddenly you will get an error looks like the error in the above screenshot.

According to this error, blogger wants you to verify that you are the owner of this domain name. So as to verify this, we need to create two CNAME records under Godaddy DNS settings.

When you will get above error then you will see two fields ” Name, Label or Host field ” and ” Destination, Target or Points To field ” Simply copy data of both rows from these fields.

4. Login to your Godaddy account, then Go to Domains >> Manage My Domains , Here you will see domain names which you have purchased from Godaddy. Just Click on your domain name from there.

5. Now click on ” DNS ZONE FILE ” tab just after the ” Settings ” tab as showing in the below image.


6. Now click on ” Add Record ”  as highlighted in the above screenshot so that you can setup CNAME records for your domain.

When you will click on ” Add Record “, a pop up will appear from where you have to choose a ” Record Type ” from the drop down. Select ” CNAME ( Alias ) ” from the drop down as showing in the below screenshot.


7. After selecting it, You will see two fields i.e. HOST & POINTS To as showing in the below screenshot.



You may remember that when you got error in blogger then you got two CNAME’s which you have copied. Right?

Place 1st Host value in the ” HOST ” field and then Place the value of ” POINTS TO ” field as showing in the above screenshot.

8. Now click on ” ADD ANOTHER “. You have to add two CNAME’s similarly. So after adding it, must add the second CNAME record by following the same process.


9. After placing your CNAME’s, Click on ” Save Changes “.

10. Now we have to create 4 more record and this time, the record type will be ” A ( Host ) “. So again click on ” Add Record ” then select record type ” A ( Host ) ” from the drop down as explained before and then create 4 records one by one.

This time we have to place Google IP’s in the field on ” POINTS TO ” and the value of ” HOST ” field will be @ always as showing in the below screenshot.

Google IP’s are:-



Create 4 ” A ( HOST ) ” records by following the same process. 😀

11. Now click on ” SAVE CHANGES “. 😀

12. After doing all this above work, Go back to the blogger where you got the error. & then Click on ” SAVE ” button and now this time you wouldn’t get any error and it will be saved easily.

After saving it, once again click on edit and then check the redirect box so that when user will access then it will automatically redirects to 😀 and then ” SAVE ” it again. 😀

13. Now You are completely Done. 😀

Note – DNS changes might take some time to propagate so give it some time. 😉


This was the complete article based on ” How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger “. I hope it would be helpful to you and you will get all the steps clearly. You only need to follow all the steps correctly and then you could also easily add your custom domain to your blogger blog. If you really like my way of explaining this article then kindly do share it with your friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. HAPPY BLOGGING 😉

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