Adblock Plus launches an Android web browser : Surf the web without annoying ads!

Adblock Plus launches an Android web browser : Surf the web without annoying ads!

We all know very well about Adblock plus and heard this name many times because of too many disturbances of Ads on website while are are doing browsing or anything work on the web. Adblock plus is one of the most famous Extension for Chrome and Firebox browser which helps us to skip Advertismenets automatic. SO today Adblock plus launches and Android web browser there is no need of any plugin or extension , it’s really amazing to do safe and clean browsing without any disturbances .


Currently it takes some time to update on Google Playstore so you can download Adblock Plus Browser directly from here . Otherwise, you can download from the group Google Plus Community of Adblock Plus from there you will get direct permission to download and install it on your smartphone .

Adblock plus is basically a customized browser which is developed through Mozilla’s Open source Firefox browser, but as per discussion if some people ask we can use the Firefox browser with Adblock plus extension it will work also same . So then Adblock team replied that It have some more feature then Firefox because of safety and Completely you can borrow without any disturbance of Ads. So we tested it on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it works so perfectly as they said . I really love it because my browser so many websites which shows too many ads on their sites on News Channels.


Also, it’s not only work for Malware of Ads, they promises to give short load timing for web page. It will help user to save his data as well as Battery because it will work like UC browser they also provide the same feature to save battery and Good speed with low data consuming.

And in last company said Android is just begging we are soon going to launch it on different Operations systems also like IOS and Windows . SO guys if you are an Android user and feel so irritated because of Advertismenet on website while you are browsing so now you can try this new launch of Adblock Plus browser it’s free of cost for all users .

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