Ad4Game Review – Game Ad Network


These days people are looking for quality ad networks, but it is not an easy job to find so, because the majority of them have low CPM rates which will not help you earn big. And that’s Why Adsense is in 1st position and it always be in the same position because no one can beat their CPC Rates. But still, you need a good advertisement option and that’s why I recently reviewed many networks like Chitika, Adversal, Infolinks, BuySellAds which can earn you good amount if you have good traffic on your blog. Still I got some mails from my readers asking for monetize option for gaming sites. So, today I decided to share an Ad network for gaming sites called Ad4Game. It is very well known name in this field. I will explain more about this in the next paragraph.

What is Ad4Game?

It is a Popular Ad Network for Gaming websites. It Provides High Quality Advertisements with Lots of Ad Formats to 500 Million Unique Visitors Per month. They are working in this field since 2004 and people have very good trust in this company, because they have awesome features available for both publishers and advertisers. One of my favorite feature is, 100% fill rate which ensures a guaranty earning from every visitor if your site. And also, you have the option to use backup ads from other networks. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, it is.

How it Operates?

They have a very advanced system in place for both advertisers and publishers. With that system advertiser gets targeted traffic because they place advertisements on relevant websites using advanced technology. Also, the publishers will earn more, because ads shown on their websites are totally relevant tot heir content. Isn’t it more cool, Yeah, it is and much more to come.

Types of Advertisements:-

They provide a large range of Ads for Publishers .

  • Footer Ad

It will be placed in the bottom section of the website which ensures you will earn money from the footer, if  user clicks or it will also be counted as an impression.

  • Standard IAB

These standard advertisements can be placed anywhere in the body of the site, which enables you to monetize every section.

  • Mobile Ads

If your site gets lots of visits from mobile devices, then don’t worry, you can use this company to show mobile advertisements also and earn a decent amount.

  • Site Skin

There are some places on your website, where no adverts are placed. This company will help you monetize those places and earn extra income.

  • InGame Ads

The In-Stream or In-Game advertisements have a high CTR and this company provides very relevant In-Game ads which will help you earn big.

  • Editorial Ads

You can also show editorial adverts on your website.

  • Gaming Pop Under

Pop-under always have high paying rates, because advertisers get the opportunity to showcase their product in full page. So, for the publisher, it is a big opportunity to earn.

Additionally, you can also create custom ad units and increase your earnings with this network.

How to Sign Up?

The Signup Process is very simple, as you just need to fill a form to apply for an account, but remember you will need a decent amount of traffic before applying for an account on Ad4Game. Once approved, you can start earning big from your gaming website. I am sure this ad network will provide your best monetization method, you have been looking for.

Other Important Details:-

Commission Type: CPC,CPM,CPA
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Check,Paypal
Country: CA
Contact: Telephone:+1 (514) 448-1385

So, that’s it for today. I hope this review will help you solve your problem. Now, it’s your turn to give your views about Ad4Game.

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