This Actress Got Banned From Acting For Posting Online Pics

In a shocking Incident, Sadaf Taherian, an Iranian actress has been banned from acting as government has revoked her working license for posting her pictures on Instagram without wearing hijab.

What is the issue?

It’s been law since 1979 that Iranian women should cover their hair in public. The actress had put her images on Facebook and Instagram to protest against this strict law in Iran that tells a woman to cover her head.

She even talked about sexual abuses she had been through. She says ‘she wish to live her life the way she wishes to’. Her pictures soon drew the attention of the Iranian ministry of culture.

The Ministry of Culture claimed, the actress refused to wear her hijab on Instagram because she has been influenced by Western media and that’s why they have revoked her work license to prevent her from performing in Iranian cinema. 

She has also received insults and abuses on social media for her images.

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