Many of you might be building your E-mail list to grow your blog/business. You’re going in the right path, every blogger should grow their mailing list in order to get potential customers and build their Business. But, the problem occurs when you won’t be able to convert the visitors coming to your site to a reader and thus an Email subscriber. If you’re struggling over building your E-mail list and not getting good conversion rate then, this will be the best article you’ll ever read about Increasing conversions. 🙂
5 Ways to Improve Email Opt-in Conversion Rates
Building E-mail list can be a big task for a Newbie but if you know the right placements and techniques to get E-mail sign ups then it’s very easy. That’s what I am going to share in this post. Here are 5 ways to Boost E-mail Opt-in Conversion Rates:

A Separate page having E-mail Opt-in

While reading Backlino’s post, I found a page named ‘Proven SEO Tips’, I clicked on that and found an E-mail Opt-in , I signed up. This got me thinking and I applied same at my blog ‘SerpControl‘, I made a page named ‘SEO Strategies’ and placed an E-mail Opt-in. This was the best thing I’ve did for building my E-mail list. Now, 40% of the users who visit that page sign’s up to my E-mail list and become a part of my blog. You can checkout the screenshot given below if you don’t believe me:
5 Ways to Improve Email Opt-in Conversion Rates

Make About Page a Squeeze Page

Almost all the blogs has an About page for their readers. Readers visit that page if they want to gather knowledge about the owner of that blog/website. Also, About-us page is the most visited page on a Blog(As of Current facts and figures). Putting 1 or 2 E-mail Opt-in will obviously boost the number of E-mail sign up rates easily. If you’re putting the opt-in at the right place in the About page then you can get 30-45% conversion rates(For the audience, who understands your Niche).  Now your Squeeze Page is ready to use.

Including an E-mail Opt-in in Posts

Suppose you’re running a blog in the ‘weight loss’ niche, you want potential customers for the products you’re offering or want to attract E-mails to market your latest posts. You can include an E-mail opt-in button in the post also. If your post is good and reader’s engaging then they’ll surely sign up to your E-mail list. If you want to increase the conversion even more, then you can give some information about weight loss or an E-book about it to them. An Image as an Example is given below:-
5 Ways to Improve Email Opt-in Conversion Rates

An E-mail Opt-in at Sidebar

When you’re including E-mail opt-in button in About page, a separate page and in posts then why should you forget Sidebar? This is the simplest way to increase E-mail subscribers. Your Opt-in box should look interesting if you want to get good number of sign-ups. This point shouldn’t be increased, there is not much to be discussed here.

Giving Away a Freebie

Giving away an E-book, a set of videos or anything else which will help your readers will be helpful for you also. If you’re owning a blog of blogging niche then you can offer something like “Grow your blog traffic in 30 Days”, if you’re owning a blog under ‘Weight loss’ niche then you can offer something like ‘Lose upto 10kg in 60 Days” or anything else. Keep experimenting and offer freebies to your readers. Always remember, humans loves free things 😉


There are many more ways to Increase E-mail Sign up rates, keep experimenting and share what you got with us. There are 5 ways mentioned above which will increase conversion rates, some are having high affect and others are having low. Test them and checkout, What works best for you. There are many potential places on your blog where you can put E-mail opt-in to increase E-mail Sign up rates. What you’ve to do is, Experiment, Experiment and Experiment. Also analyse others blog and checkout what they’re doing, implement those strategies too. You can also add a pop-up button on your blog to increase Conversion rate.

If you’ve any doubts, queries or suggestions related to this post. Then, comment them below. We’re here to help you all.

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