Top 5 Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks

Top 5 Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks
As we know backlinks plays an very important role to Get success in our Blogging . Hope you have seen my Interview Series ( Success Stories) of Pro bloggers and some Success stories are in pending  . I learnt a lot from those Pro bloggers but I listened a common sentence from all that “Make High Quaility Backlink to get success quickly . “ by the way I am agree with him because I followed him guides and now I saw my Alexa Rank Increase from 900k to 100k it’s to Amazing because this amazing was done only in 1 week . in that say I can high Quality backlinks always play a best role to increase the value your blog in blogosphere . Backlinks always be Directly Proportional to your Blog Traffic in simple words as your no. of backlinks will increase then here your traffic will increase . Google well known and most popular search engine it is also predict the quality backlinks of blog to decide its ranking .

There are some methods given below to Create high quality backlinks for your blog :-
Blog Commenting
This method is somehow easy method from others to create backlink because now a day mostly high quality blog are running on WordPress platform and hope you you WordPress provide a plugin wchih name is CommentLuv in comment system which provides you to put your link address of your blog in last of comment. Quality Backlink is depend on the Page rank of blog where you are going to do comment . because if that blog Page rank then it’s too good for you . Now you need to find out the some blogs which have good PR , make comments on them we will share a list for you coming soon . Backlinks are two type one is Do-follow and 2nd is No-Follow . No need to worry about this , because if you got dofollow backlink then this is best otherwise no problem Google consider both Do-follow & No-Follow .

                                         Ø   How to Find CommentLuv Ennabled Blogs
Guest Post
As Guest post is best method to increase your blog traffic, but it’s too best method to Make high quality backlink . By making guest posts you can easily link for your blog on particular Keyword . you need to find out the high PR blogs which accept Guest post . it’s also easy method but it will be hard for a newbie because now in today’s generation No boddy wants to do hard work. Writing Article is not easy work and get approval on high quality blogs it’s also too hard. Because in starting you will face some problem about it . If you write your post more then 500 words or more then 1000 words then you have more chances that your guest post will be accept .
Forums Participating
Online forums are also useful method to create it. Because Mostly Forums have Good and High PR on their site . so, always be active on those online forums which have High PR because it helps you to get help in backlinks creation work . I have shared a list of top High PR quality forums list you can check here .
First of all you need to Create a Account on any best Forum and then join some groups . there will be many group you can try any all are free . now start giving answers in discussion question . try to be active there because then you will get chance to put your blog link in your answer below your Signature .
Question Answers Websites
Now lot of Questing answer websites are available on internet for there “” is most popular website . yahoo have high PR and it have own Answers website here you need to give answer of some problem and you can put your blog link in source box . it’s too amazing work I really enjoyed when I was creating link from here . it’s also good platform to learn and teach something free and in few time . Hope in my next post I will share list of some best Question Answers website .
Social Media
Once again I am suggesting Social media to build quality backlink because it’s one another most popular and easy method . Social Media sites have PR 9 or Pr 10 always,  Google+ and Facebook and Reddit are best because it helps you to create a good media expose and  you have more chances that your shared link will appear in top result of search engines . When you publish any new post on your blog then never forgot to share it on social media sites . it will give you best  link to your blog and also increase your traffic .

                                            Ø  How to Increase Blog Traffic on New Blog 
Final Words
In my Final words I want to say Please always try to share Best things and Helpful content on your post , then Create Quality Links to your post from Social Bookmarking site , Blog Commenting , Social Media Sites ,etc. Actually many ways are available on Internet . But this post I am sharing from my experience and some points are taken from guidance of Professional Bloggers . If I left any Best method then Share in Comment box or feel free then please try to give feedback on my Post .
  1. Well I support your Points that High Quality Backlinks are very important But Can You tell Me that There are many forum which doesn’t allow to use Forum Signature then what to do ???

    1. No problem Vivek

      Many Other methods are available to get High Quality Dofollow backlink using Social bookmarking sites , Web 2.0 sites and commentluv enable sites.

      Thanks 🙂

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