5 Amazing Facts About Brilliant and Versatile Film Director Rajesh Bhatt

Rajesh Bhatt is a brilliant Bollywood director who has already proved his mettle in movie like ‘Kaun Hai Jo Spane Me Aaya’. As an Independent filmmaker, he has directed five films, many TV serials and commercial ads. He has also received honorary doctorate from Halifax University USA. So let’s look at five amazing facets of his life.

1-Born in 1965 at Dehradun, he has made his direction debut with film Nazarr,  which was well received among audience.Rajesh bhatt1

2-His movie Bazaar depicted the grim reality of love and lust through its powerful narratives.Rajesh bhatt2

3-His most remarkable movie is ‘Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya’. It was well appreciated in Cannes Film Festival. The songs of this movie like  ‘duppata sarak raha hai’ become household across the country . It’s songs still get played across the country with same enthusiasm.Kaun Hai jo sapne me aaya

4-He is one among few directors who loved to experiment with various genres and take bold risks.Rajesh bhatt

5-His upcoming movie is ‘Tusi Great Ho Paaji’ which will feature Navjot singh Siddu.Rajesh bhatt4