11 Best FREE SEO Tools in 2019 for On-Page Optimization

11 Best FREE SEO Tools in 2019 for On-Page Optimization
SEO stand for Search engine optimization so here in this post we are going to share Most helpful Free SEO tools of 2019 for On-Page Optimization. Actually On-page SEO is very powerful if you wants to get rank high without making any backlink .
When We started our Blog i never made any backlink to rank my blog post so at that time i use only few of tools and presence of mind for smart work because i enjoy to work free-mind and without doing any Black-hat trick on my long-term blog. As you know i am running this blog from 2019 and still lot of changes are done by Google in their Algorithm .


#1. WordStream

WordStream is a Free keyword Tool , Which Offers thousands of keywords suggestion from a constantly updated database. It is Completely free tool for Webmasters and also easy to use it.

#2. Übersuggest

Übersuggest is online utility type tool which helps you to utilize the Suggest Data from Google , Bing And others. In other words we can say Übersuggest is a terrific tool to develop long-tail phrases . It is a Content related tool , it will also find duplicate content frequently .

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#3. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

It is also a free online tool to convert Word Document to HTML . let some times every one don’t know HTML properly so this helps help him to convert his written Word (MS Word, Notepad, etc ) file into HTML language.

#4. CopyScape

CopyScape is Free ,Online Plagiarism checker tool. It means when you enter a URL of your Blog/Site it will easily detect that your Content is Original or Duplicate .

#5. ROBOT.txt Generator

I hope you know very well about it but I am sharing a different tool to create your robot.txt for your blog. Click Here to Create Robot.Txt  in this tool here is already submitted some Robot that is harmful for your blog so, these will also increase in your generated file… lets try it.

#6. Title and Description Optimization Tool

Title and Description Optimization Tool helps you to optimize title and Description of your blog. It’s also free tool and easy to use. Don’t forget it’s useful also because some times if we use proper Keyword in our Description then they helps us to get traffic from search engines.

#7. Image SEO tool

Image SEO tool is also a free web tool .Image is also play a important role in search engine optimization. by using this tool it will Alert you if you have done something wrong. And also helps you to optimize your image .

#8.  XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap Inspector is a free online tool which validates that your sitemap is Correct or Something went wrong.

#9. Fiddler

Fiddler is also online tool which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet.

#10. Pingdom Website Speed Tool

Pingdom is also free online tool which helps you to know Page load time (Speed) of your Website/Blog , after the check report you can control your page loading time by manually using Google webmaster .

#11. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Now, I hope you have used lot of tools on your Website/Blog to increase your Search Engine Optimization. SO, Now I am suggesting you a free Complete SEO Toolkit which is developed by Microsoft Got to – MicrosoftFree SEO Toolkit.
Or you can also try premium SEO tools like SEO Powersuite.

Right Keyword placement can help you to increase your On-page seo score , if you really wants to understand on-page seo then you must need to watch some popular blog like Shoutmeloud , Bloggerspassion and many other and check their what they do when writing new blog post ? Because as i checked they know complete game of Keyword because this is whole thing which makes you better then other to get rank and search how a user will search your blog through search engine either if you have placed proper keyword in your content then easily they can find you .

Better if you are newbie in this field and then you must need to try these few Tools i love it because when i was newbie they helped me a lot in setup my blog . Cheers!

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    I didn’t knew about copyscape tool. I found alot of duplicate content in my website by using this tool. it very nice tool
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