10 Reasons that Cause Blogger Blog Deleted By Google

Blogger Blog Deleted By Google. Blogspot Commonly Known as Blogger is one of the Best Platforms to Create Professional Blogs. We all have many Blog which are created on Blogger Platform and many of us get good traffic on those blogs.So, it’s success, but did you Know Google is First Owner of Every Blog that is Created on Blogger. They can do whatever they want to any Blog . But there is another fact that Google does everything for a Reason , if they want someones Blog Deleted then there will be a Valid Reason to do so. These are the Reason we are Discussing Here to Stay Safe and don’t give Google any chance to Delete our Blogs.


Why Google Delete Blogger Blog

1.  Duplicate

Duplicate Content Might be a Reason for Google to Delete your Blog. Google has Advanced Technology that Automatically Detects Duplicate Content and If Your Blog has To Much content which is copied from Other Sites it has Great chances that Google will Delete Your Blog Permanently.

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2. Spam

Spam is what Google Hates Most. Recently, Google has Deleted so much of Blogs that Look like Spamming Everyone. So Stay Away From things that Looks Spam to Google.

This might be Another Reason for Getting Blog Deleted by Google. Copyright Infringement may Occur when you Publish a copyrighted content on your blog Without the Permission of Owner. This Will Lead Owner of content to complaint Against you on DMCA, which will Lead to Blog Deletion.

4.  Frequent Publishing

This Might Become a Reason for your Blog Deletion. Publishing More than 20-25 times a day for Frequent Days will Make Google think that You are a Bot not a Human. So they Will delete Blog thinking That blog is Controlled by Bot.

5.  Illegal Way to Bring Traffic

There are Many Illegal Ways to Bring traffic on your Blogs Like Paid Traffic , link Exchange , Traffic Bot Software. These Illegal Ways will get your Blog Deleted by Google as it is Against Their Rules.

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6.  Content Scraping

Many of Bloggers don’t Know what Content Scraping is but they Use it a Lot specially Novice Bloggers. Content Scraping is Copying Pieces of Content from Other Blogs to your Blogs. This way it Looks that Your Article is Unique but it is Not. It is All Copied content from various Different Websites. So this Might be a Reason Google Deleting your Blog due to Scraped content.

7.  Sharing Illegal Content

There are Many Kind of Illegal Things that we are Not Allowed to Share Publicly Like Hacking, Cracking Content and Software which Might be Dangerous if Shared with Public. Sharing this Kind of Content Might Lead to Blog Deletion By Google.

8.  Pornography

Blogger Allows Porn Blogs but only to some extent. Those Blogs have to be Marked as 18+ and Also Porn Advertisements are Not Allowed. Recently Blogger Deleted so much of Blogs containing Porn Advertisements . So this can be another reason for Blog Deletion.

9. Malware

Google Always Hate Blogs contain Malware or Virus. If this Happen then Google Will Take Immediate Action against that Blog and there are Full chances for that Blog get Deleted after Getting 1 Warning or you may get Penalty. Learn Top 21 Factors that Cause Google Penalty

10. Child Safety

Google Deletes Blogs that contains Harmful Content for Children Aged under 13. So Beware and Never Publish content that is Not suitable for Teenagers under 13.

Note:- There are some Exceptions that Blog Might not get deleted for Breaking these Rules. But it is Always Safe to Keep these things Away as it takes So much of Effort to Build a Blog.

So, these are some reason which can get your Blogger Blog Deleted by Google. Now, Share your Views on this Topic. Don’t forget to comment.

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  1. Nice post Atinder.. Thanks for this, I am currently using blogger as I will (and everyone should) obey rules & regulations laid down by Google. Have a look on my post 10 Extremely Useful Handpicked Android Apps 🙂

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