Sudeep Nagarkar is an Indian bestselling author who is famous amongst youth. Here we have tried to find out why he always wins the hearts of his readers.sudeep

#1 Because he teaches them the real meaning of friendship, love, relationships and emotions.image 1

With every book that he has written, Sudeep has tried to teach the teenagers the true value of friends and loved ones, and has quite succeeded in it; proving to be the core of attraction for them.

#2 Because he is always up on bestsellers list11998817_961443653909300_1943775891552672821_nSudeep’s latest book, you’re trending in my dreams, is on No.1 spot of Neilsen bestseller’s list that makes people curious about the content that he writes. And glimmer attracts the eyes. Doesn’t it?

#3 Because his stories are real, that connects with them.image 3

All the six books that Nagarkar has written are inspired from true life events that add to yet another reason for the instincts of readers to connect with the stories well.

#4 Because his titles are the ones you can’t ignoreunnamed (1)His books – Few things left unsaid, That’s the way we met . . . kya life hogi set?, It started with a friend request, Sorry you’re not my type, You’re the password to my life and You’re trending in my dreams – narrates the story themselves.

#5. Because the jackets his books wear are as comely as you can think ofunnamed (2)His books covers are a real treat to those who love gifting or collecting books. They’re vibrant and comely – giving a euphoric feel to readers.

#6 Because he just writes what teenagers want to readunnamed (3)

He is very much focused on the genre he is popular for. He wouldn’t bore you with his philosophies and change in styles. He writes what his readers love and doesn’t believe in variations in his genres.

#7 Because he is just one amongst themunnamed (4)Sudeep was not a born-with-the-qualities-to-be-an-author kind of guy. He was just an ordinary engineering student who himself couldn’t hold the degree without backs. But even after that he rose to be a bestselling author and that motivates the youth.

#8 Because he is just like their friendunnamed (6)

Unlike other bestselling authors, he replies to his fan cum friends and believes in maintaining a personal relationship with his readers that pulls people towards him.

#9 Because of the fun they get to share with himunnamed (5)Every time when he launches a book, there are many competitions and games that are being organized on the social networking platforms which everyone would love to participate in. It’s too much fun that teenagers can’t miss.

About author-Vivaksh singh is a budding author and avid reader.

(All images are taken from Sudeep’s facebook page)