Researchers have found that a woman experiences two different types of orgasms-One through external clitoral stimulation and second one through vaginal penetration.

How the research was conducted?



A research was conducted to find out women orgasming patterns . For this research three volunteers were picked up. Two French gynecologists carried out ultrasound scans on these volunteers and measured variations in their blood flow patterns to decipher just how their sexual organs moved during different types of sex.

These women were asked to arouse themselves through manual self-stimulation of the external clitoris and through vaginal penetration using a wet tampon and researcher’s measured the changes in blood flow patterns to ascertain that how the clitoris and vaginal complex responded.

How they reached the conclusion?

The researchers find out that there is a functional difference in female climax depending on the type of sexual contact. In the first type of orgasm, only the top of the clitoris responds to external stimulation, while during vaginal penetration both the ‘root’ of the clitoris and the whole clitoral and vaginal complex respond and a woman experiences the second type of orgasm.

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