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Latest List of Commentluv Enabled High PR Dofollow Blogs

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As we know, every Blogger needs backlinks to get success. But that is the most difficult thing to do, especially in recent times because Google will never let anyone build backlinks Intentionally. They started punishing Well known techniques Like Guest posting, Article Submission, High PR Forums because of too much Spam writers ranking higher using this. So, Google only wants genuine Bloggers or webmasters to Get High Search Rankings. So, they can increase User experience. But with this, all link building methods are thrown out of the window, but still a technique remaining in armory which is the best to create links to blogs and drive huge traffic. This method is by commenting on Dofollow Commentluv enabled blogs. There are many Commentluv Enabled High PR blogs who will let you build backlinks by sensible commenting. But here is another Problem, How to Find out which blog is Dofollow and which Blog is Nofollow. This Time you don’t need to do anything because I am sharing a Latest list of Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blogs. So, you can Quickly start building Backlinks and Rank High in Google. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.


List of High Page Rank Commentluv Enabled Blogs:-

  1. adriennesmith.net
  2. blondish.net
  3. bloggingwithoutablog.com
  4. comluv.com
  5. juhotunkelo.com
  6. imjustsharing.com
  7. avdhootblogger.com
  8. gethow.org
  9. wonderoftech.com
  10. emfastincome.com
  11. thebadblogger.com
  12. webmaster-success.com
  13. blogengage.com/blogger
  14. growmap.com
  15. ineeddiscipline.com
  16. famousbloggers.net
  17. inspiretothrive.com
  18. letsbuildwebsites.com
  19. smallusbflashdrive.com
  20. lawmacs.com
  21. kezanari.com
  22. weblogbetter.com
  23. aks-blog.com
  24. contentmarketingup.com
  25. kikolani.com
  26. aha-now.com
  27. wassupblog.com
  28. pensitdown.com
  29. angelamccall.com
  30. daringblogger.com
  31. ernursejournal.com
  32. iftiseo.com

So, these are some Commentluv Enabled + High PR Dofollow Blogs. You can use them to build high quality backlinks. But Always follow some rules while commenting. I have mentioned those rules below which will help you become a good commentator.

#1 Try to Be Relevant (Don’t Spam)

You always need to leave a Relevant comment to the Article because any Irrelevant comment will be considered as Spam and will be deleted by the Author. So, Read the Article Carefully and try to provide some information through Your Comment.

#2 Don’t Use Harsh Language

Just try to be polite while commenting because any usage of Harsh language will get your comment deleted from the Author.

#3 Don’t Spread False Knowledge

Only comment when you have the proper knowledge about the Topic where you leaving the comment. Because any Author will not approve it if you spreading False Knowledge about anything. If you don’t have knowledge and still wanna comment, then, it will be better to ask some related question from the Author.

#4 Write Long (about 70 to 150 words)

I know writing this long comments will be too much but believe me, If you start writing longer comments, then, you will get more traffic to your blog and Author will also like you because you are providing some good knowledge through comments. So, these are some tips which can help you become a better commenter. I hope this helps. Note:- If You want any blog to be removed from this List of Dofollow Commentluv enabled blogs, then Comment below with a reason or contact me. Also Read:- Latest List of 500+ High PR Dofollow commentluv Enabled Blogs Must Read:- Huge List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2014 Don’t forget to Share this Article on Social Networks, if you find it helpful.

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