In a bizarre incident, Cyberabad police arrested an auto driver, named James, who later confessed that he is HIV affected and he has intentionally slept with more than 300 women.

image via Indian express
image via Indian express

What is the issue?

Initially this 31 year old auto driver was arrested in a case of burglary. A software engineer has complained to police that, jewellery was stolen from his house when he and his wife were away at work. The software engineer told the police that he had handed the keys to his house to his friends and auto driver, James was one among them.image via

When police arrested James, he confessed the crime but soon he also revealed a shocking truth of his life. According to his confession, he is HIV positive and he got to know about it eight months back.  When he realized he had counted numbers of days remained in his life, he decided to live his life to fullest. He started visiting brothels and started making illicit relations with many women and had unprotected intercourse with them even after knowing that he would be infecting them. Interestingly, he was also married thrice but all wives left him.

(With some inputs from Indian Express)

Satyapal Chandra

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