In a Massive Retaliation, Russia hits 206 ISIS targets

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Russia has strongly retaliated to the Islamic state and its fighter jets have attacked over 200 ISIS targets in Syria.

Image via presstv.ir
Representational Image via presstv.ir

What the issue is?

Massive attacks on ISIS have been done by warplanes flying from an airfield near Latakia and also with the strategic bombers operating from Russian territory. Russian warplanes have conducted more than 127 sorties and hit 206 targets; it was also the first time when Russia used a new air-to-surface missile, KR Kh 101/102 in combat.

Image via funker530.com
Representational Image via funker530.com

Russian security forces have confirmed that the passenger plane departing from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai on October 31 was downed by a bomb planted on board by terrorists. Islamic State has already claimed the responsibility for the attack for the crash.