has launched robots which can turn you on and entertain you in bed well. This robot knows your likes and dislikes. She can participate in discussion, hear your opinion and express her love. Hell, she can even have an orgasm.

RoxxxyGold image via
RoxxxyGold image via

So what exactly this wonder of science is?

Dearest Roxxxy is the name of newly launched robot which comes in three different versions. First version is RoxxxyPillow-She can fit in a pillowcase as she has no arms or legs. Second version is RoxxxySilver-she is only limited to have sex and she can’t hear.

Roxxxy Gold Image via

Third and most advance version is RoxxxyGold-She has five personalities, named Frigid Farah, Young Yoko, Mature Martha, S&M Susan, and Wild Wendy. She has the body of a fine arts model. She is programmed to have a personality like her owner. She can also frequently swing her mood. She can even be shared among friends like wife or girlfriend swapping without inviting any social issue or sexual disease related concern.

Days in future. Representational image via youtube

According to the makers, having a male or female sex robot at home will become common in the future and these robots will be like just another sex aid. It can benefit to people who have difficulty in forming human relationships.

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