Now an Emoji is Declared Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries

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‘Face with Tears of Joy’ Emoji is declared as ‘the word of the year 2015’ by the prestigious oxford dictionary.

Image via gizmodo.com
Image via gizmodo.co

What the issue is?

The selection shows that how in recent time emoticons are playing wider role in the expression. The selection of ‘face with tears of joy” emoji’ is a clear evidence that how the internet and mobile phones have been influencing the development of language in recent years. The Oxford Dictionaries said that the emoji was chosen over other strong contenders because it “best reflected the ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015”.

Image via plymouth.gov.uk
Image via plymouth.gov.uk

Oxford University Press partnered with SwiftKey, the maker of a popular keyboard for mobile phones to find out the most popular emojis around the world and found the “face with tears of joy” image was the most used globally.