In one of the biggest achievements of ocean scientists, the Omura, an exclusive species of whale which is so rare has been documented for the very first time ever by an international group of scientists. Although scientist has predicated about its existence a decade back, but it’s now been discovered.World’s most mysterious whale

So what is the actual matter?

The scientists have been looking for this whale since 2003 but no conclusive evidence got them too close to reality.World’s most mysterious whale

The Omura occur in remote regions and they are so difficult to find at sea because they are small compared to blue whale that can be above 100 feet long. Omura whale is comparatively small and its length varies between approximately 33 feet to 38 feet.World’s most mysterious whale

Approximately 25 Omura whales have been photographed along with mothers and claves. Scientists also recorded their song-like voices.

(With some inputs from Images & video courtesy- Salvatore Cerchio)

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