Most often we hear the news on television and we find news anchors debating on television about same-sex marriage. Many people have been voicing in support of same-sex marriage and at the same time many have been strongly opposing it.

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Same-sex marriage is one of the most debated issues today. The basic question that arises in our mind is, if people from all regions, religions, classes, creeds, ethnicity have the right to get married then why not these same-sex couples. What’s wrong with them?

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Why are we snatching the right to get married from these same-sex couples? Why not marriage equality for them? 

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Marriage is an ultimate source of happiness for couples and let them enjoy it too.

And the most important question is who the hell we are to point fingers? 

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Sexuality is not something which we choose. So, why the hell someone should feel ashamed of something which he/ she hasn’t chosen.

We always talk in favour of equality. If we all are equal, then everyone should be treated the same. 

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If we accept equality then, why not we should acknowledge the same sex marriage? Same sex marriage is an acknowledgement of equality. Here, we are respecting the LGBT rights, which show the example of our broad mentality.

Like every couple, same sex couples too have the right to get married because they are who they are, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. 

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Love is something to be celebrated; so let’s celebrate the love between these same sex people rather making life hell for them.

We hear many ridiculous arguments like marriage has always been between a man and a woman. Okay, wait a minute.

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There were countless things which were not always the way they are today. Like legally recognize human right for all or abolition of emperorship. So what? If we can evolve from there, then why can’t we evolve our thinking and accept same-sex marriage?

Many also argue that same-sex couples should not be given right to legally get married because they are biologically incapable of having kids? Oh, wait a moment and just think about those couples who simply can’t bear a kid or don’t want to have kids.

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So, if we are not cruel against those couples then why so much of cruelty against these same sex couples? And these same-sex couples also love to adopt many kids and manage a family like others.

We live in a society where the divorce rate is too much higher today. At the same time most of the researches show that a gay or a lesbian couple manages a better long term relationship which brings stability in life.

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Many same-sex couples have been together for years, so why not they should have their relationship officially recognized if they wish so?

So better, let’s stop discrimination and spread love and tolerance among all. Legalize same sex marriage and it will end this debate. It will be a rational and brave decision which will offer dignity to countless gay and lesbian couples.

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So be bold and rational and accept a gay marriage or lesbian marriage wholeheartedly and make them the part of our society.

Benefit of same sex marriage-

Now these same-sex couples will have family–

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Of course, like other couples, same-sex couples too wish to have a family. So legalization will offer them a better acceptance in society and end steep discrimination.

Many orphan kids will be adopted–

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There are countless orphan kids who needed to be adopted by someone to get good education and lifestyle. As, same – sex couples are biologically incapable of producing their own kids, so they will love to adopt more and more children. It will make the lives of those orphan kids better.

They will get all benefits by the government–

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Legalization of same-sex will provide them all the benefits of a married couple which a government offers. They can be benefited from many social and health schemes.

It will end social stigma-

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Legalization of same-sex marriage will offer them wider acceptance in society and legal protection. Currently, these gay and lesbian couples face many stigmas. At many places, they are treated like criminals and harassed unwontedly by police and other social elements.

Creation of a truly equal and modern society-

Of course, it will be the broad step towards modernity and equality. By legalizing same-sex marriage, we will end the intolerance towards these people.

Many countries across the globe are accepting the same-sex marriage.

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So let’s we too legalize it and provide the basic fundamental right to these same-sex people and let them live their life with happiness and prosperity.

Satyapal Chandra

Author, Director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker