The Israeli Embassy in Singapore has apologized after one of its junior used a Singapore flag as a table cloth at a party on Sunday.Singapore flag

Photos of the incident surfaced on the news sites across all Singapore on Monday. The images show the Singapore flag on a table purportedly with items strewn on it such as bottles and a pair of sunglasses. The Israeli Embassy says it was appalled to learn of its staff member’s deplorable behavior and will take strong disciplinary action against him.

Image via wikipedia

Image via wikipedia

In response, Singapore welcomes the Israeli Embassy’s apology as well as its assurances that it would undertake the necessary disciplinary action.

Satyapal Chandra

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  1. Flags are a symbol representing the whole country and it was something that wasn’t supposed to happen. It should be respected by everyone! Hope the careless staff learns to respect the dignity and nationality of other people. Have a happy new year Chandra.


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