Despite India and Pakistan hate politics; there are countless people across the both sides of the border who want peace between both nations.  The recent high profile name from Pakistan which popped up is Deobandi religious scholar and Chancellor of Jamia Binoria Mufti Muhammad Naeem, who tweeted “I am Pakistani and I don’t hate India” with a hastag ProfileForPeace.

image from Rehan Allahwala's facebook
image from Rehan Allahwala’s facebook

What is the issue?

Initially,  #ProfileForPeace campaign was started by an Indian activist Ram Subramanian and it has crossed the border. It was used by hundreds of Pakistani and Indians on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to convey the message of peace across both countries. The recent success of this campaign is the return of Geeta, a deaf and mute Indian girl from Pakistan to India.  

image via Jamia Binoria International [Official] facebook
image via Jamia Binoria International [Official] facebook

It is such a brilliant campaign to bring peace between two neighbors.

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Satyapal Chandra

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