Tuareg, a tribe in the deserts of Sahara has set a great and advance example of gender equality. Here women are more liberal than even European countries. Here even before marriage a woman can sleep with as many partners as she wishes.

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So what exactly this tribe is.

Although Tuareg tribe follows Islam, but their life style is completely non-Islamic. Here women are dominating over men. Women here don’t even wear hijab else the men who wear hijab here to cover their faces once they reach puberty.

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Contrary to Islamic tradition, here women can have multiple sexual partners before marriage. Women usually here get very late married due to such sexual liberty. Even after marriage here women hold her position in the family.  Here a woman decides whether she should get a divorce or not.

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Other hand here men bear with a lot of restrictions. Even they cannot eat in front of a woman with whom they cannot have a sexual encounter. Really strange tradition. Isn’t it???

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