GetReviewed.org – A Leap Ahead for Sponsored Blog Post Seekers

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GetReviewed.org is a revolutionary take on blog advertising, providing advertisers a versatile platform that helps them get their products tested & reviewed by individual bloggers. These bloggers then post their reviews on their respective websites or as sponsored blog posts, in return for payment.

Why Getreviewed.org?

GetReviewed.org is an online platform that helps advertisers get their products reviewed, while helping bloggers earn money by providing their genuine opinion about a company’s products and/or services.  Advertisers then use this sponsored content to brand their products as things that will make peoples’ lives more productive and efficient.Get reviewd

GetReviewed.org is a godsend for marketing & advertising companies or individuals that are looking to increase public awareness about their client’s products. The higher the number of reviews on the internet, the more exposure a company gets from such sponsored content.

How do Advertisers Start Using GetReviewed.org?

For companies, registration on GetReviewed.org is as simple as buying a magazine subscription. Once an advertiser registers on the GetReviewed website, they can browse through the available categories of blogs on the site’s platform and choose from the selection of sponsored blog posts. They have to buy a subscription before they can buy a review.

Image via mobiadz.com
Image via mobiadz.com

After successful purchase of a monthly subscription, advertisers need to add funds to their GetReviewed account. Once that’s done, you will need to fund your balance. Once this is done, advertisers can order a review of their choice, from a blog of their choice in an online shopping-styled interface that comes with a cart and checkout button.

Benefits of GetReviewed.org for AdvertisersBenifit

  • GetReviewed.org reviews each and every blog manually; ensuring that only the best sponsored blog posts with high authority blogs and a Domain Authority of min 30, reach the blog section.
  • GetReviewed.org is the only blog site that offers a fair Pricing Policy that enables advertisers to gain more exposure in the online marketplace, without burning a hole in their pockets, with a low $25 monthly subscription fee.
  • Apart from this, GetReviewed.org doesn’t charge platform commissions as the advertisers pay only blogger fees and PayPal processing fee.
  • The site offers a money back guarantee in excess of advertiser active subscription period.
  • Features on only quality blogs with a DA25+ established web presence, and a minimum online presence of one year.

Bloggers BenefitsGirl with laptop

Apart from allowing marketers to get product or service reviews on a budget, GetReviewed.org also offers bloggers a unique opportunity to:

  • Make substantial income for their reviews.
  • Take advantage of a 14-day payment guarantee, if provided the content is complete and approved by the advertiser.
  • The ability to withdraw their payments by sending a withdrawal request to their PayPal accounts.
  • Bloggers even have the option to change the estimated date of delivery or request for time extensions. It’s important to keep the advertisers updated on the status of their posts, otherwise the job expires and the funds are returned to the advertiser!

Overall, GetReviewed.org provides an excellent platform that bridges the gap for the demand for high-quality product reviews. It creates a win-win situation for the bloggers, and the marketers who buy their reviews.

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  • I have used GetReviewed.org for Sponsored Blog Posts and it works very well.

  • Great brand new sponsored posts platform! So many authority blogs in one place without the necessity to filter low quality blogs, there are no low quality or junk blogs at all!

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