Germany Bans New Year’s Fireworks For Refugee

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Germany is banning fireworks in many refugee shelters so it could not traumatize them by reminding of bomb and grenade explosions.

Representational image via  happynewyearhdwallpaper.com
Representational image via happynewyearhdwallpaper.com

Germany’s most populous state- North Rhine-Westphalia, will not allow the use of fireworks in any refugee shelters. The town of 70,000 is hosting hundreds of refugees, many of whom have been traumatized by the war in Syria. Some also fear that fireworks could be deliberately used to scare and frighten refugees. In recent months, small firecrackers and larger fireworks have been used by anti-refugee protesters to attack asylum reception centers and residences.

Image via macleans.ca
Image via macleans.ca

However, other German cities have chosen a different way of dealing with it like the city of Reichenberg which has organized a rehearsal fireworks show on Tuesday to prepare refugees for Dec. 31.