Excuses are part of our life. It is almost impossible to live a totally excuse free life. We have to make excuses to avoid confrontation with the boss, or con our boyfriend or girlfriend or persuade our parents. Let’s look at five most funny excuses you can make with your boss to con him if needed.

  1. When you know you have bunked the office and now you have to face your boss and you have to convince him by hook or crook.

“Sir, I woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it.”Funny excuse to con boss

  1. When you know your strict boss needs a straightforward reply and no bullshit. Then try this cute but lame excuse.

“I had an appointment with my eyebrow specialist.”funny excuses to con boss

  1. When you know your boss has evaluated your performance and found you lacking behind everyone.

“Sir, I am just trying to be less popular. Of course, someone has got to do it!”funny excuses to con boss

  1. When you know you are already late for your office, but you don’t have any option except to argue with your boss.

“Sir, I’m not late. Your watch must be fast.”funny excuses to con boss

  1. When you know you are late, but your boss is not that kind of strict guy and a little flattery will be okay with him.

“No sir, I am not late. I just failed to be on time.”funny excuses to con boss

So, try a few with your boss if you ever face such kind of situation and have fun!!!! if you have any funny excuse leave below in comment box.


Satyapal Chandra

Author, Director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker