First genetically engineered Fish Is Okay to eat

A fast-growing salmon has become the first genetically modified fish to be approved by US Food and Drug Administration for human consumption in the United States.

AquAdvantage' salmon, Image via
AquAdvantage’ salmon, Image via

What the actual scenario is?

The decision by the US Food and Drug Administration has ended the two decades of regulatory limbo. Many people welcome it wholeheartedly. For them, this decision would  spur the development of other genetically engineered animals and new possibility to harness the technology. The genetically modified fish, named ‘AquAdvantage’ salmon, is engineered by AquaBounty Technologies of Maynard, Massachusetts, and it has higher levels of a growth hormone than wild salmon. The genetically fish grow to full size in just 18 months rather than 3 years. It proves that genetically modified fish require smaller amounts of food and other resources per kilogram and it  would ease pressure caused by heavy fishing of wild populations.

Growth comparison, image via
Growth comparison, image via

At the same time this decision got swift opposition from some environmental and food-safety groups.Opponents fear that engineered fish could escape from their farms and might alter natural ecosystems.