Parental controls for Android are fast gaining momentum and no more a novelty. I know many parents from my own social circle who use these apps to digitally monitor their children. But there are way too many apps out there for a parent to try them all before settling for one. That’s where we come in the scene. We’re going to cover this relatively new but a strong entrant into the parental monitoring apps scene- FamilyTime.


Why Android Parental Controls?

Now, according to Pew Research Centre, 36% of teens own a smartphones even before their high school. Earlier, another study stated that in 2012, nearly 60% parents said they offered smartphones to kids at the age of 10 or 11. And as of 2014, Shawn DuBravac, the chief economist and senior director of research at the Consumer Electronics Association states that the prevalence of the smartphones among the pre-teens has doubled, “About 80 percent of teens between 12 and 17 own a cell phone, and about half of those own a smart phone,” said DuBravac. “That’s about twice the rate from just two years ago.”

With Android leading the market share among teens, more parents naturally are concerned about how their teens use their phones. There is a growing awareness among parents that parental controls are not an effective parenting tool, they also let parents have a final word in house hold rules. These apps give parents more authority to get the house rules executed.

FamilyTime – Everything You Need to Know

FamilyTime entered the parental control app business with an all-in-one parental app approach. They basically aimed at giving parents an app that covers all their parental concerns. Not only that; it covered the two facets of the digital parenting: monitoring and parental controls. So parents can both monitor and restrict harmful elements in their teens’ digital lifestyles.

The app has grown dramatically over years in terms of features and user experience. Here are few things interesting about the app:

  • It has two versions – FamilyTime for parents and for children.
  • The parent’s app does not collect any data like location details or phone logs (calls, contacts, etc.)
  • The app also has an online dashboard where parents can log in to check on their teens’ phone usage stats.
  • Parents can sign in for free and get a 3-day free Premium trial.

FamilyTime – Dashboardvs. FamilyTime – Child App

There are separate versions of app for parents and children, each having different interfaces. The parent’s app lets parents to monitor teens’ phones and set parental controls while the child app is mainly for letting children sending emergency alerts to parents. This app basically logs data on the child’s phone and then makes it accessible to the parent’s phone with FamilyTime android parental controls.

FamilyTime Parent Dashboard

FamilyTime child app

Features and User Experience

This app is designed in taste. The colors are vibrant and the User Interface is kept a simple as possible. It offers a variety of features with a couple just introduced weeks ago. The app can help parents to:

  • View the call logs and contacts on teen’s phone.
  • Track web history and bookmarks.
  • Monitor location history of the phone.
  • See all installed apps on teen’s phone.
  • Get auto check-in alerts on specific locations
  • Receive SOS and PickMeUp alerts form child app.
  • Watchlist certain suspicious contacts on child’s phone.
  • Receive alerts when teens try to contact those numbers.
  • Lock child’s phone remotelyin case of phone theft.
  • Block distracting or unsafe apps and games on child’s phone.

Pricing and compatibility

The app is essentially free. Parents can download the app on their phones from Google Play store or by clicking on the button below:gggg

And they can get the Child App for free. Note that this is the Premium version of the app and if after 3 days, you don’t upgrade to the paid version, you will be reverted to the free version. This version has limited reporting and features.

The app is compatible with all Android phones and tablets. If your teens have an Android phone but you don’t; you still can use FamilyTime by singing in to your Familytime online dashboard.

FamilyTime – A Safe Option for Parents

This app can really make parenting a lot more easy and effective. Parents get to have their ground back and can know things that their teens would feel shay discussing or want to hide. It also makes it possible for parents to control what media their teens have access to. They can limit apps and games during study or sleep hours and also check if their kids are mixing in with the wrong crowd. So by monitoring Android phones using FamilyTime app, parents can know where their kids are all the time, because as they say, “happy families are better connected!”

Satyapal Chandra

Author, Director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker