9 Things You Can’t Avoid This Diwali

Diwali-the festival of colors, always comes in our life with much of happiness and enthusiasm. We love to spend time with our nears and dears and share joy with them. Let’s have a look at these crazy nine things which we can’t afford to avoid at this wonderful Diwali.

1-This cool Diya

How can even you think to avoid it?

2-These lovely candles

Can you ignore it? Hell no way!

3-This cute rangoli

You can’t avoid making wonderful rangoli on this occasion.

4-of course these mouth watering sweets

5-This sweet Kheer

Trust me, avoiding it will make everything incomplete.

6-Sweet offering to your loved ones

This festival is all about to share love and joy with your dear ones.

7-Your crazy selfie with new dress

Can you ignore it?


8-Watching crazy crackers bursting in sky with your friends and family


9-And of course we won’t miss you to wish you a very