7 words that have different meaning in dictionary but are used differently in India

Here is the list of seven funny words which have different meaning in dictionary but we use it differently.

1-Ghanta-It means bell in Hindi. But it is used as decent way of saying Bullshit.differnt word different meaning

2-Setting- It means establishing something. In India it means taking a favour by bribing.setting slang

3.Jugaad- It means fix. In India it means short-cut.jugad slang

4.Bhai-It means brother. In India it is used for friend and also for all jerks involved in illegal thingsbhai slang

5.Bhakk-it doesn’t have meaning. In India is used as fuck off in lighter way.hindi slang

6.Item-it means a thing In India it means a hot guy or girl.hindi slang

7. Naak katvana-it means cutting of nose. In India it means doing some stuff that bring down your family’s reputation.hindi slang

Jaya Bajpayee is a radical thinker and avid reader who lives in Lucknow.

(All representational images are taken from Fukrey movie. These images are taken just to have fun.)