Dead frog found in McDonald’s chicken wrap

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Cordellia Buckley, a ten year old girl living in  Norwich was nearly shocked  when she pulled the chewy object out of her mouth and screamed realizing that it wasn’t a bit of gristly chicken else it was a frog.

Representational image via weightlossladder.com
Representational image via weightlossladder.com

What is the issue?

Cordellia Buckley ordered Big Flavour sweet chilli chicken wrap and when she bit down, she realized something tough and chewy. She spat it into her hand and realized it was a frog.

Image via walesonline.co.uk

This incident made her so scary and she decided not go to McDonald again. Her father said to complain customer care, but McDonald’s customer services did not apologize and instead offered him a refund and asked him to send them the frog.

Image via mirror.co.uk

Such negligence by food chain always brings grave health and safety risk.

(With some inputs from dailymail.co.uk)