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CPMSTAR Review – Gaming Ad Network

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Have a Website on Games, Wanna earn money showing Advertisements on it? If yes, then you are at right place because Today i am introducing one special Gaming AD network Called” CPMSTAR“, especially built for Gaming Websites. So, let’s begin without wasting too much time.

What is CPMSTAR?

It is a Leading Gaming Ad Network working in this Business since 2001. So they are one of the Best Ad Networks available on the Internet these days, According to CPM Rates or  Trust Among Publishers and Advertisers. You must have got a clear Idea about “CPMSTAR” by reading above given Introduction lines because I strongly saying it is the best, especially for those guys who have websites targeting Games.

How CPMSTAR Operates?

CPMSTAR is One of the Old Experienced Gaming Ad Networks who Uses that Experience to increase the Quality of Ads served to Publishers. Advertisements Provided by this company, are Content Related. In simple words,  Ads are related to Gaming Sites so these advertisements not only creates good Income for Publishers but it also increases User’s Interest on website by showing Relevant Ads to Content.

Types of Ads:-

CPMSTAR Provides Many Types of Ads But Mostly they Show High Quality Graphical Advertisements to Improve Experience of Visitors or Websites and it increases chances of Getting more Revenue. Some of the information of their Ad types is given Below.

1. Dynamic Site Skin
2. Branded PreRoll
3. Anchor Ad
4. Video PreRoll
5. Social Media Ready
6. Editorials

Positives About CPMSTAR:-

  1. Lots of Trust Because they are one of the Old Ones in this Business.
  2. Advanced Ad Technology creating good user experience for Everyone.

How to Sign Up:-

It’s easy Job as Publishers just have to fill a simple form and wait for the Approval. Once approved, they can start showing Ads on their Websites with Immediate effect. But remember to fill all details correctly and especially your website details. They wil take some days to review your application, the Number of days differ time to time. For more Information on this Read FAQ section on their Website.

Note:- Don’t try to submit Gambling, Alcohol or any other illegal sites as they will not approve. If you have a Game site and looking for Gaming Ad network ,then, go for it.

Payment System?

They have NET30 Frequency which means if you balance reaches minimum threshold in the month of May, then you will be payed in the Payment cycle after June month. And They Pay Via PayPal or Cheque when Publishers Balance Reaches Minimum amount of $50.

CPMSTAR Details:-

Commission Type: Cost Per Click(CPC), Cost Per Impressions(CPM)
Minimum Payout: $50
Payout Frequency: NET30
Payout Method: PayPal,Cheque
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:+1.310-255-6800
Email:[email protected]

Feel free to ask any question via comments and also don’t forget to Give your views about CPMSTAR in the Comments. Keep Visiting onlyloudest.

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