In such a shocking incident with clear example of regressive mindset, Dinu, an IIT dropout who later joined Farook College in Kerala, India has been suspended for sitting next to a girl in the classroom.

Representational Image via Wattpad
Representational Image via Wattpad

What the issue is?                                                            

According to the management, the boy was suspended because he has violated the guidelines issued by the college, which clearly mentions that a boy and girl should sit separately in classroom and canteen.

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Previously also eight other students, including girls, were ousted from the class for sharing bench space with their opposite sex. Later on, ousted students tendered apology then they again allowed to get into the class.

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According to the suspended student Dinu, he didn’t apologize because he did nothing wrong. Although Students Federation of India (SFI) had taken up the cause of Dinu and others but it didn’t get desire momentum as majority of the students were afraid of the management’s action.

(With some inputs from Indian Express)

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