Of course, beef ban can be justified

Beef ban is one of the most discussed topics today. Some call it Banistan, some call it ridiculous, and some call it an agenda of right wing politics of Hindutwa group to impose Hinduism. Beef banned in India is very curious subject to many international media houses.

Image source-idiva
Image source-idiva

What I eat is my choice. Who is any government to decide what should I eat or not? Will they ban consumption of liquor too, as consuming liquor is Haram in Islam?
The rational answer should be no. we live in a democratic country and we have every right to choose what we want to eat without anyone’s interference. That’s how mature democracy functions?

So banning beef is the right decision or wrong? Some may call it right, some may call it wrong. Rather, passing a judgment on what’s right or wrong, let’s look at the both sides of the coin to figure out what can be done to keep our great tradition of unity intact.

Is only current ruling government of BJP is to blame for this beef ban in India?

I think no. As we look back at our own history, ban on cow slaughter in India already exists even before the current government came to power. The prohibition of meat and food comes under the Directive Principles of State Policy under Article 48 of the Constitution and so each state government can decide on the issue which the central government cannot overrun.

Beef ban is not a right decision.

  • Let’s say, Idol worshiping is banned in Islam and Christianity does it mean that we should ban it to please them. No way!!!!
    image source-prophet-hadiths.blogspot
    image source-prophet-hadiths.blogspot
  • Liquor is haram in Islam. Does it mean they should come on the road for its ban? No way!!!
  • Many Jains don’t eat onion, does it mean that they would demand for a unilateral ban across the nation because the eating of onion hurt their religious sentiments. Of course not!!!
  • Beef is most consumed meet in India. How can you even think to ban it???
  • Mostly south Indian and north eastern states consume beef. Would you snatch their right to eat beef? No!!!
  • We love to use lots of leather products. 65% of leather comes in from cow skin. If we ban cow slaughter, exactly where will these products come from? Think over it!!!! And what about those poor people specially Dalits and Muslims working in leather Industry???
  • Cow won’t remain viable for farmers if it cannot be sold for slaughter. Then think about the milk industry?? We have to get dependent upon only buffalo milk.
    image credit-faking news
    image credit-faking news
  • Over the years, how will we tackle the problems of unwanted cows roaming and blocking traffic?
  • If banning is all about protecting animal rights then why be partial to cows? All animals suffer. What about pork or mutton???
  • Not only Muslims and Christians, but also India’s Scheduled tribes and castes consume beef. So what about their right to choose the food!!!!
  • Beef is a cheaper source of protein compared to other forms. Why you are snatching it away from poor???
  • Not any state does have a right to impose a certain food culture in any form. Do we want to be a theocratic state? No way!!!

Beef ban is absolute right decision.

  • Now look at the other side of the coin. For majority of Indians, the cow is considered as mother. Feeding and worshiping cow is considered a primary duty for Hindu.

    Cow is revered as sacred by Hindus who constitute about 80 percent of the country’s population. Cow killing is like directly offending their sentiments which are not acceptable in a mature democratic country.

  • It will prevent direct confrontation between Hindu and Muslims and will intact harmony. Killing cow is one of the most widespread reasons for communal riot in this country.
    image source-the hindu
    image source-the hindu
  • Banning cow slaughter won’t make people unemployed. And if it is so, then it applies to everywhere. Even if we ban a terrorist organization, many terrorists will be unemployed. So what? Even banning of narcotics and opium production will lead to unemployment of some people.

  • Almost all Muslim countries ban pork, as selling of pork directly related to their religious sentiments. Same applies also on the sentiment of Majority Hindus here too.
  • People can survive without beef. There are other sources of meets too to consume. So why so much fuss???

    image source-rehmat1.files.wordpress.com
    image source-rehmat1.files.wordpress.com
  • There can never be absolute freedom in a mature democracy. One’s right to use absolute freedom can encroach upon someone’s other zone of sentiment. So we need to be so careful because someone’s freedom can invade other’s zone of freedom.


So what is the way forward?

The only way forward is to initiate consensus, trust and dialogue among all communities to find out the right solution.