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There are several websites, which offer exclusive information on automobiles. However, the sites exclusively dedicated to cars are lesser in number. Furthermore, the sites providing exhaustive information on all types of cars are fewer. is one of the most popular car sites these days.Autoportal

Autoportal, a site dedicated to Indian cars, was founded in November 2013. This was following the huge success of the site in its founding country, Ukraine. Anton Rublevskyy had successfully launched the company. Autoportal India is now one of the most popular and sought after car sites in Indian cyberspace.Autoportal1

Autoportal India is unique in its presentation. The site offers a no-nonsense kind of layout and loads faster than many of the other similar sites. An analysis of the website’s visitors reveals that men who are graduates or post graduates mostly visit the site.Autoportal2

Autoportal is a site that people would regularly visit, not only because it is easy to navigate but also because it is a treasure house of information on cars. Every model of cars sold in India can be seen here. In addition, you will get all the relevant information about these cars in detail. There are expert reviews, user reviews, tips and tricks, news analysis, general information, used car details and much more in this site. Video reports on cars are sure to hook a car buff to this site.Autoportal3

Autoportal India is a unique site in the sense that a bunch of self-confessed car lovers drives it. Their love of the job is reflected in the form of updated information. It is the best place to know the price of a car, how it compares with a rival car in the same segment or another segment, what are the pros and cons of a certain model and many more.