Top Ways to Buy a Used Smartphone
Nowadays a smartphone is a handy device to own as there are plenty of other devices that it has replaced. You no longer have to buy multiple gadgets as a smartphone serves different purposes. If you want to save money then you can go for a used smartphone but you have to remember that it… (1 comment)

Android Phones Vulnerable to Hacking
In this modern era, the use of smart phones has increased to a very high number. There are people who prefer to use the smart phones having the Android technology, while there are also a very huge number of people who prefer to use Apple iPhones. But the question that arises is that which one… (3 comments)

5 Courageous Civil Servants Who have Set an Example Before Us
Some civil servants have set an example before us. They are the one whom we look up for inspiration. Changes in society come when we transgress prejudices and they have done exactly the same. They are the ones who are making other’s life beautiful by their hard efforts. Let’s look at their astounding achievements.  1-Rahul kumar :…

Google Made Maps Now Available Offline
Google has announced on that it would make Google Maps available offline. With offline feature, map will load faster because now it’s not relying on Cellular data or something else.   Only about 132 countries across the world countries have this feature. Now how to Get this Feature on your Phone:  Just Update your earlier version…

Exclusive First Indian Lesbian Wedding Album
The wedding album of Shannon and Seema, the first Indian lesbian wedding, which took place in America. For Shannon and Seema, it was love at first sight. Both met each other for the first time at a fitness class a couple of years back. Image via Image via Image via Image via Image…

Top 5 Life Changing Srk’s Dialogues
Today, the world is celebrating King Khan’s 50th birthday. A common man, who has achieved global stardom by his sheer handwork, dedication and passion. Now, he is considered to be one of the biggest stars of this universe. On the birthday of King Khan, let’s have a look at this five motivating quotes from his…

15 ridiculously WTF images you have ever seen
Let’s have a look at these ridiculously WTF images which will blow your mind. Images which are full of curiosity and fun. So don’t miss the opportunity and take everything in lighter note. Because it’s all about the fun only. 1-This snow 2-These Hybrid people 3-This lady 4-These fat cars 5-This dog guiding another dog 6-This chimpanzee… (3 comments)