Below is a series of pictures, which will compel you to look at it twice. Explore these amazing images clicked by different amateurs. And here it goes!!!!!

  1. Heart shaped potatoheart shaped potato
  2. Dog sitting in skyDog sitting in sky
  3. Ice cubes growing upwardice cubes are growing upwards
  4. This three wing butterfly (usually they have four)imgur-All flies butter have FOUR wings. Right the on forewing the sitting is top the of on hindwing it should like. three
  5. Clouds making bird impressionbird like impression in cloud
  6. Pink apple insideMy apple is pink inside
  7. And of course this girl showing bravery.Showing bravery

I am sure you have liked it. Now have fun!!!!!

(Image credit-Imgur)

Satyapal Chandra

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