A Delhi court has dismissed allegations against ‘Don’, a Labrador dog belongs to former Delhi minister’s Somnath Bharti.

What was the fault of ‘don?’

The dog was accused of domestic violence by the minister’s wife who alleged that the ‘Don’ would bite her at his master’s behest.

What court said?

image credit-youtube

image credit-youtube

The court dismissed the accusations against ‘Don’ after he refused to obey Mr Bharti’s commands to attack. A judge cited a police report where it was observed that the dog did not respond to the commands like “Don come, Don bark, Don bite, Don sit down”.

The 12-year-old labrador ‘Don’ who was the subject of intense media scrutiny and police hunt is described as overweight at 35kg (77lb), and lazy.

(With input from BBC)

Satyapal Chandra

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