Everyone is talking about making money online. Do you know that every 9 out of 10 bloggers fail when it comes to making money online?

Representational image via webmarket.rs

Representational image via webmarket.rs

Most of the new comers fail because of many reasons. In this article we tried our best to point out 10 possible reasons why you are not making money on the Internet.

Some points are too generic and some are too specific. You need to read this article to know every one of them.

So here are 10 reasons why it is hard surviving on the Internet.

1-The Way We Perceive Internet When it Comes to Making Money Online

Representational image via bpn.ge

Representational image via bpn.ge

If you are on the Internet looking for a job online then you will find Internet throwing up all kinds of stuff. The stuff that is sugar coated and it will make you feel that everything is so easy.

They promise that you will be rich by just clicking your mouse. The way they advertise, the way they market everything takes you into a make believe world.

So you get an impression that everything is easy and you don’t have to work hard.

2-A Big Myth that Making Money Online is Easy

Representational image via youtube

Representational image via youtube

This is continuation of my last point. But here I want to say there are more than 10 different ways you can make money on the internet.

Every one of them is not easy. You can’t be jack of all trades and try every 10 of them. So you have to try one and then move it to the next.

However many newcomers find it difficult to choose a way that they can stick to and eventually they fail.

3-Competition as There are Too Many Just Like You

Representational image via wpstuffs.com

Representational image via wpstuffs.com

You are not making money because you are not getting enough traffic on to your blog or website.

Why you are not getting the traffic because there are other bloggers like you who are competing for the same niche that you are.

Everyone one is competing for the same space so being ordinary or mediocre is not an option.

However most of the newcomers fail to cope up with the challenge and they fail to make even a penny.

4-Too Much Time and Money Before it Comes to Fruition

Representational image via writeousdude.com

Representational image via writeousdude.com

Newcomers who want to make money online don’t have patience. They want quick money but internet does not work the way you think.

Although there are ways to get free money provided on Money Connexion but that just one time & not permanent.

Making money online needs time as you have to do research and other work for months and even years. However you also need some money if you want to outsource a particular task.

So before the money starts coming they quit.

5-You Need Both Writing Skills and Marketing/Branding Skills

Representational image via haikudeck.com

Representational image via haikudeck.com

As I said in the last paragraph you can’t be mediocre when it comes to making money online.

Just writing skills are not enough because you may write like a Shakespeare but there is no one out to read because you don’t know about SEO.

Similarly if you know SEO but can’t write then also you are doomed to fail.

So you need both writing skills as well as marketing skills.

6-There is No Rule and Nothing is Static

Representational image via savethestudent.org

Representational image via savethestudent.org

Internet is very dynamic and things are changing on everyday basis. Most of the bloggers and marketers fail to evolve with ever changing nature of the Internet.

They fail to adapt to changing technology and can’t learn the new ways to make money online.

Fact of the matter is there is no rule when it comes to internet.

7-Everything Revolves Around GoogleGoogle

Google is the king if you know anything about SEO and the fact is Google is very tough now.

Those days are gone when black hat tricks were making you money. Now Google is ready to slap you with Google Panda and other affects.

You really have to work hard for your content and many newcomers can’t do it.

Lack of SEO knowledge is also a reason why you are not making money online.

8-Bad Reputation of Internet Because of Scams

Representational image via galleryhip.com

Representational image via galleryhip.com

For you to make money online, it is essential that people must buy online.

However internet has a bad reputation because of scams and frauds. People are reluctant to buy anything online unless they know the merchant.

So third party marketers or bloggers like you find it very difficult to make money because there is no one to buy your stuff.

9-Everything is Too Technical

Representational image via 3cero.com

Representational image via 3cero.com

You have to learn so many things if you want to work online. There are things that are too technical and many of you simply can’t understand that.

This is also a reason why you are not making money online.

10-No Passion or Hobby Just Want to Get Rich Overnight 

Representational image via grid.mk

Representational image via grid.mk

The last but not the least point is many joined the internet for just making money online. In other word they just want to be rich overnight.

They don’t have passion for the thing they are doing. They came into this business just for money but not for helping people who are online.

So they fail and don’t make any money online.

I hope you will pay close attention to above mentioned 10 reasons why you are supposedly failing to make money online.

Satyapal Chandra

Author, Director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

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